Advance Transmissions and Emissions

Advance Transmissions and Emissions

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Published: 10 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

July 2, 2017 Had a leaky transmission problem with a 1982 Chev Truck. Took it to Advance Transmission May 7th 2010, for a rear seal that another mechanic told me it was. Greg Kaiser, owner of Advanced told me that they would have to pull the transmission to fix to problem that it wasn’t the rear seal. I said fine if thats what they needed to do to fix the leak. The truck does not have any other problems with the transmission–just the leak. Greg test drove the truck himself saying the transmission was fine. Greg pulled the transmission and called me with a estimate of over 800.00 repair. The truck is not worth the repair and I called back and said no and that I was willing to pay the 300.00 pulling charge and according to Greg he wanted cash. When I got there the following day to pick up the truck Greg did not have it ready. I told him to put the part in the back of the pickup and I would have it towed home. Instead he told me that he would work on the price and to give him a couple of days. When he called back he said 661.00 to fix it. I said fine just do it since I got the feeling I wasn’t going to get my truck back in the same condition I left in. When I went to pick it up Greg told me I had a gas leak so I took it to another mechanic to get the tank replaced. During this time while the truck was at this other mechanics shop it started to leak again. The truck was at this other auto repair place for almost a month. But since I have a 90 day warranty I didnt think I would have a problem taking it back to Advance. When I took it back to Advanced June 12th to be re-repaired his mechanic said he could not find the leak. I offered to get the other mechanic on the line to tell them where to look which I did and then they found it and fixed it again. I do want to mention that when I was down there the second time getting this re-repair there was another lady in the waiting area that was there for the 3rd time. I was very outspoken with her about my repair and the amount of money that I was charged and then to be back there again. I told Greg at that time I was not happy especially when I had to have another mechanic point out the leak to a transmission shop. He asked me what he could do and I said to renew the 90 day warranty which he did. Six days later I had another leak only this was like a leaky faucet. I call on June 21st requesting Greg to have him send a mechanic over to take a look at where the leak is coming from. Based on the previous leak I thought that it was a good idea since the truck has not moved. He became very outraged, yelling bring it down! and then hung-up on me. So I left work Wednesday, June 23rd to take the truck down to him. When I arrived Greg was not speaking to me. The mechanics (4 of them) did a little act under the truck saying they would need to pull the transmission again to do a reseal again. Tim, one of the mechanics almost got transmission fliud on him standing under the truck it was dripping that much. When he had to stand back I asked him if he understood why I was so upset. Tim told me he understood and that I had every right to be. When the office girl called me to tell me that the truck was ready, she also told me that Greg had changed his mind and that the warranty is from the original date and that should there be another leak he doesnt want it back. I picked up the truck on Friday, June 25th and on the following day June 26th I saw the same leak under the truck. Called Advance again and Tim answered I told him that it was leaking again and asked if he could be the one to call me back. Since Mr. Kaiser refuses to speak to me and he has told his mechanics not to speak to me, again he had his office girl call me. She was told to have me find a shop to find the leak for free and then bring it back to them for repair. I told her that I had already done that and no one is going to do that for free. She then called back and said I was to bring the truck back to Advance and they would find a shop to find the problem. I then asked for my money back and said at least 500.00 of it — in good faith. During this time I have notified my bank that this repair was never rendered and they are pulling all of the money back. I am one of the lucky ones in this case since I now have the money to find a honest and good mechanic to fix the leak. According to the feedback that I have received from other sources Advance-Mr. Kasier does this to a lot of people. I believe that lady I was talking with is one example and I wish I had her number. A little about her, she is a senior, fix income, with 2,000.00 in the bank and now Greg has half of her money. Currently the truck is still leaking and I have a container under it, in one week I have lost over a quart of transmission fluid. I don’t believe Greg and his mechanics worked on my truck when I took it to them again on June 23rd it was just for show. I also want to mention that Greg Kaiser has a very bad temper and that I am worried about that.

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