Advanced Appearance Protection

Advanced Appearance Protection

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Published: 15 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The company now goes by the name Advanced Appearance Protection but used to go by the name Tropic Shield. Due the CEO’s Scam and Dishonesty. He was forced to change the name of the company. It used to be called Tropic Shield and it no longer exists. Advanced Appearance Protection is found all over Craigslist. He will promote and offer you a job detailing auto’s, trucks, and boats for $15-$19 hr. It all sounds good till you get to his small little office in Irvine and he attempts to sell you a $3000 Business package so you can make all your own profits instead of going to work detailing cars for one his supposed 1000 plus authorized dealers who have so much work they have asked him to hire employee’s for them. This is a total scam. He calls himself Lance however his real name is Larry. He had to change his name because of bad scams and business deals in the past. Don’t fall for it and dont even bother going in for an interview. I fell for it and paid the $3000 dollars and have regreted it ever since. Lance will look over your resume and tell you how worthless you are and when you try and defend yourself he tells you that if you were doing something with your life why would you be in his office trying to get a job detailing cars. That is how he gets you to think about buying into his franchise and making something of yourself and your future. The product he allows you to buy for use with the Franchise you purchased is good, however when I have had people call and request an auto detailer in my area he attempts to take the business for himself rather then passing it along to the appropriate Authorized Dealers for that territory. If there was anyway to take him to court and get my money back I would but I am begining to think he is a waste of time and not even worth the effort. Remeber the name Tropic Shield, Advanced Paint Guard, Advanced Appearance Protection all scams and fraud. If you happen to come across a detailer using the Tropic Shield Product you will be pleased with the outcome of the work. Great product. Horrible Business and Horrible business owner. Lance / Larry needs Jesus. Karma will come back on dirty and dishonest business people and I pray it comes back 10 fold. Don’t fall for it the market is oversaturated with Mobile Detailing Services anyways.

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