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Published: 11 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was at my company for seven yrs I left for six months in the middle of that time and came back. I started at the bottom worked overtime on the weekend by my self from the start. Never thought much of it the time clock date was off for yrs.I worked my way up after being screwed out off a supervisors position by family twice that knew nothing. I stayed because I got a raise when I said I was puting in my notice, they said what you want we cant aford to lose you. thi was 2 yrs into the company. I told them 2 dollars an hr they agreed. this went like this for 4 yrs they said they could not aford to take me of the machines they would have to hire two people to do my job. So I said Im being held back because I can do what two people do they said yes. thats when I left 4 six months so I run into on of the owners he told me he wanted me back on the waterjets, and said give me a couple of months Ill put you on the laser with a raise to 14.7.I said ok Ill start next week I come back learn the laser after two weeks I running the laser ste-up to ,press break my old machines 2 waterjets because the new guys cant keep up. THEN AFTER 2 MONTHS OF THAT THE 2ND SHIFT SUPERVISOR quite because they were made him com in and work after a back injury. They didnt know what they was going to do, so I stepped up I was the only employee that knew everything in the shop, other than one of the owners kevin.I told them If you wanted me to do what the old supervisor does I want what he makes 19.38hr. They said ok, idid this 4 2 yrs . I was 2nd shift supervisor, set-up and run the laser,set-up and run the press break, help set-up the two waterjets I use to run, did all offsets in shop on other6 machines fixed machines on myu shift because we didint have matenace, deburred parts and run fork truck to do shpping.When I started to work for this company I had no problems with my body after seven yre I had a wriste injury a led injury two back injurys and a shoulder surgery.and every time I was hurt Iwas on restriction and still was to do my job with out restrictions or I was terminated. I never once colleted a day from workers comp. and I never asked.on 3/4/07 I was at the press brake running parts and my knee give out I stained it. my company had so many injurys that yr they was already cancelled by one worker comp. company, and was on the verg of two. One of the owners Tim said I had ta sign a pieace of paper saying it was a pre-agsisting injury I refused he said you four fit you job and fired me. He never turned it in to workers comp. so I did they did a investagation fond that the injury did happen at work for wittneses and had to pay four my $450 medical bill. It took my leg 5 days to heal. After 7 yrs. left without a job, and because Im not a minurity the so called equal opertunity office cant do anything for me. And be because It was only a knee strain no lawer wants to take my case because they wont make enough money just off a wrongful termination case with out a major injury. HOWS THAT FOR EMPLOYEE RIGHTS YOU HAVE NONE UNLESS UR A MINORITY. Steve fort wayne, IndianaU.S.A.

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