Advanced Foundation Repair

Advanced Foundation Repair

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have a Lifetime Warranty on the foundation work from Advanced Foundation Repair (AFR) on my home. | When cracking issues began to appear, I called AFR and paid $75.00 for an inspector to come out to see the issues I have with the foundation work they did. There are cracks along the foundation wall are where Advanced Foundation Repair repaired the foundation in 2013, and cracks in the kitchen adjacent to this wall. The cabinets were and still are separating in the corner and I have new cracks appearing almost weekly inside my home and a new crack that appeared this past summer, 2018, along the same foundation wall. This inspector said the issues I have are related to the attic! (?) | Then I called again, and another inspector appeared who agreed that I did indeed have foundation issues, but said “let’s wait until the summer’s over and see if that helps the foundation. | (?) As mentioned above, a very large new crack has now appeared and I have reasoned, “waiting for the summer to be over” has not remedied the problem, but has made it much worse. | He also went on to say that he would talk with the owners and would get back to me with a resolution. I had already told him that I was not as trusting as before because of what I was told by the first inspector, (whose statement to me, appeared to be rather foolish!)…that my “issues were related to the attic,” to which he disagreed and agreed with me, that it was the foundation wall to which Advanced Foundation Repair (AFR) had worked on was the issue. | He also stated that I “could TRUST HIM, he will get it resolved!” When I did not hear back from the second inspector in several weeks, I called AFR and spoke with CS (name withheld) who pulled my file and told me that the second inspector had written a report that there was “nothing wrong with my foundation.” I explained to her the above, but have never heard anything else from AFR. | I verified with both of these inspectors that the watering for my foundation was adequate, and they both said “Yes.” I also have an extensive watering system especially designed to water the foundation. I also have gutters around the whole perimeter of my home. | I forwarded an email on 01/06/2019 at 9:44AM requesting to hear from AFR by Friday, 01/11/2019 in reference to these issues. No response. | As mentioned, there is now a new crack from the ground foundation, up the wall of my home…not from the attic towards the ground…meaning: the issues with the cracks in my foundation outdoors and indoors, have nothing to do with the attic! | Also BE AWARE…that the Lifetime Warranty backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust, DOES NOT APPLY UNLESS ADVANCED FOUNDATION REPAIR GOES OUT OF BUSINESS. MY OPINION IS, THAT THIS IS A BIT MISLEADING! (Verifiable by Texas Foundation Trust’s website) | I had another foundation company come out to give me an estimate for the wall that Advanced Foundation Repair has a “Lifetime Warranty” on, and their estimate was approx. $6,000.00!

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