Advanced MP Technology, LLC.

Advanced MP Technology, LLC.

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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please beware and stay as far away from John McCracken, Diamond Spirits, South Port Ventures, Blue Wave Spirits, New Castle Management, Point Consulting, True Seal, Venture Capital or others. This person created all of these entities and used them but never utilized his own social security number. | Due to breach of contract (both oral and written) in which you have failed to honor your agreed upon financial commitments, demand for payment of prior agreed fee’s, services, and work performed is hereby due in the amount ofthree hundred sixty thousand dollars (S360,000)from you and your “partners”. | May this serve as NOTICE to pay said amount 10 (TEN) days or sooner from this date. I as well as my associates intend to pursue every legal means available to us to collect said monies. l/ we intend through legal counsel to proceed filing the appropriate paperwork with the local CouG lRS, Department of Social Services, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the FBl. Upon courtapproval, notices will be sent out to potential vendors to satisfy all liens and judgments. Of course this will include all sales contracts for future sales if any! | This individual’s lack of professionalism and financial commitment has placed me in a position of incurring | expenses for businesses they have both created and disposed all the while using me for nothing more than their personal gain. My very own credibility is now in question with MY associates. This after having vouched for you during a time where l, like l’m sure many others, were sucked into your web of deceit. | I have finally realized that a relationship which has spanned 7 years or more has resulted in zero business all the while you saying “it’s done,” l’m the best”,” no one but me could have put this togethe/’ ” the money’s in the bank tomorrow” Etc., is history. So John, just what have you done? You’ve used me to gain credibility for whatever would be your current project at the time in the effort to raise money for your own personal use, that’s one thing you’ve done. | You have taken in partners, (everyone, even a casual acquaintance would be introduced as your partner), duped and swindled these and others who believed you and your lies regarding new business ventures and the millions of dollars that you claimed would be made. The claim of a 500% return on investment for monies you went after assuring all of those “new” partners and me that each was a “done deal” allwith the hope of squeezing a little more cash out of someone. | The issuance of stock from companies of no value (illegal at the time of issuance) was also given out. Phony contracts presented to me and l’m sure others for the sale of products you never had all to solicit new investors and do nothing more than line your own pockets. | I have 100’s of documents in emails and texts to support my position showing your fraudulent activities and how you not only set me up, but also talked about how you would issued stock to people with the promise of millions back. Or, let’s see, here’s a perfect example, instead of you paying rent, you had someone else pay it for you and give that person stock in a worthless company or write bad checks to keep them off your back. Poor girl, how many times did she fall for this 3, 4, more? For investing in one of your schemes you would make both oral and written statements as well as issue stock from whatever company and bogus deal you were working on at the time. | After going through my emails I started noticing that you were adding new names/ players along the way. All of a sudden you had a new name or two added to your investor list. I guess after some were finally done with you you would find a new one to take their place. The “partners” names were still there but now you had new players. Reading each of my emails over in sequence brought this all to light, it was amazing, new names were appearing almost daily. | I started wondering what happened to the last one, you know the one that was putting up the money by tomorrow, the done deal!This was when I realized what you were doing and decided it’s time for me to also get off the list myself only for other reasons. l’m not in the “let’s milk the people” business. The future business I was promoting was real, however only real to a REAL company. lt is evident that your constant changing of “partners”, new deals, and new business ventures with fraudulent contracts will end in disaster for all those involved and could possibly even make your “partners” responsible for your failure. | I look back at the number of investors you duped, the investors that invested anywhere from S10,000 to $500,000 with you because of your lies. You were so good at selling the various business | concepts to me, to them and their legal representatives knowing full well you never had any intention of repaying those investors. lt’s quite possible that they too have become willing participants in these business schemes which will come out during the upcoming legal proceeding. | You were so eloquent that you even had various banks and finance groups support your stories about incoming wire transfers which did not exist. These bankers and partners even went so far as stating they had funds in their possession yet were unable to put them into your account because of weather conditions ! lt’s all a joke! My associates are not laughing; we will do everything legally possible to keep you and your businesses from continuing with these fraudulent schemes. | lf you choose to ignore this notice because your arrogance takes control of your better judgment you can rest assured that this will not solve the probleml

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