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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

What an abominable JOKE this website and its, “senior members” are. Don’t go on this site asking for any advice at all, unless you are prepared to be insulted, demeaned, and annoyed. | Obviously, the idiots on the site as well as the, “moderator” are biased, and dangerous. They use questions to grandstand their idiotic knowlege, and enjoy patting each other’s backs for supporting their stupid answers and lame advice. | Be warned, there is NO moderation here.The mod is a freaking JOKE. You SUCK, Mary. All you have is your little forum world and probably no life at all. Thank goodness you have your pretend leadership position – my guess is in the real world, you would be cleaning toilets. That’s YOUR throne, Honey. Sit and SPIN. | They are all in leagues together. A band of LOSERS!! The worst are: | Zigner, an egotistical JOKE whose advice sounds like grade-school. Always on there, no life to speak of. Probably a janitor in real life. Oh wait, that’s an insult to janitors. | Blue Meanie, who is an obsessive, hysterical creep. Cannot stop getting her USELESS points across, even when each of her posts is getting deleted. Definitely a LOSER with no life, that is pretty obvious, as she keeps posting and posting, hour after hour. Let me guess, sweetheart, elephant dung collector is your occupation? | And last, but not least, Ohiogal, who probably hasn’t been laid since modern times. Crazy cat lady hoarder is my guess. | And the beat goes on. No skin off my butt. It was entertaining to get my piece of skin off them. LOVED IT. | Do yourself a favor and RUN, don’t walk away.

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Scammer and Con Artist

Yuri Vanetik is a seriously dangerous asset manager who has been targeting folks from California and scamming them. Yuri misrepresented


This company doesn’t ever provide leads. They take your money and your credit card info and NEVER send leads. They will continue to charge

Place and food is disgusting

The staff is the worst part of this place.  They are dirty, rude and just straight up gross.  White chick with dark hair was literally

Price is too high

All my issues were solved, but they tried charging me more than what I had expected. They said it would be about 125 an hour and that it

Don’t Do It

I can’t believe you all are still in business with the shady dealings you all have going on. Paid for expedited shipping, received the


We ordered $375. worth of products and never received nothing,  they kept the money and no response from them. Totally disappointed and


I sent $409 for an upper. He said he could only use Zelle. Well that was the same as sending cash. No response to any emails (lots of

A scam

This company does not allow you to register or use the prepaid card from Anthem I have tried numerous times to activate this card on their