AFC Siberian huskies

AFC Siberian huskies

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Published: 16 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Horrible, disgusting, filth! Amanda J. Henry of Beaver Springs, P.A. has already been prosecuted by the state of Pennslyvania. 4 state Wardens discovered 50 dogs on her property when they showed up “unnanounced” for the second time! They discovered numerous canine breeds housed in her barn, multiple litters. Dobermans, German Sheperds and Siberian Husky’s. Her Facebook page has puppy, after puppy listed for sale. Nothing else JUST pups and sales ads! She posts in every platform on the internet trying to sell those innocent babies. Puppyfind, Facebook, Hoobly, Terriffic Pets, Ebay, Craigslist and this list goes on and on! Amanda Henry breeds her females back to back on EVERY heat cycle without FAIL! She breeds siberians that do not “match”, are not within standard, those who have cataracts and emaciated ones. YET, she still gets away with treating innocent pups this way. She offers no health or genetic guarantee of any kind either. The state of P.A. prosecuted her for not maintaining sanitary Kennels, not having fresh water provided and they FORCED her into obtaining the Licence that she so desperately tried to avoid and so proudly proclaims. She found a dog DEAD recently in her back yard, has no idea why either, just found her dead because she refuses to spend the money and have her dogs seen by a Veterinarian. Amanda Henry is a CLASSIC puppy mill by DEFINITION! She hits each bullet point below without question! STATE WARDENS REPORT!!! SPCA~ Trying to avoid kennel license for obvious reasons Snyder County Amanda Henry Robert Henry What is a puppy mill? A puppy mill, or puppy farm, is a breeder that aims to profit from the breeding of dogs, rather than improve the breed. Typically they minimize costs and cut corners on animal welfare to maximise their profit. Animals are sometimes bred frequently and recklessly. The term backyard breeder means much the same thing, and might refer to an individual operating on the same principles. The ASPCA quotes there could be as many as 10,000 puppy mills in the USA alone. Note that some of them are licensed breeders u2018 but are still in it for the money, not the love. Why you should avoid them When the primary goal of the puppy mill operator is to make money, corners are cut such as: Breeding a female too frequently. Not taking care to match dogs suitable for breeding, based on temperament or genetic traits that cause health issues. Supplying minimal accommodation to the dogs that might not be particularly sanitary. Not getting dogs checked out by vets (which cost money, of course), and not getting the proper vaccinations. Warning signs Although there is no single warning sign that indicates you are about to purchase a Husky through a puppy farm, some or a combination of these factors might come in to play: A large number of dogs on site; 30 or more is a warning sign. The breeder has different breeds for sale; Huskies and something else. Genuine breeders tend to specialise in one breed. The parents of the puppies are not on site, or not able to be presented. The breeder advertises heavily in newspapers and other classifieds. Advertising increases around holiday times such as Christmas. The breeder is willing to let puppies go before 8 weeks, and perhaps before vaccinations have been administered. The breeder is known to supply pet shops. There appears to be a constant supply of puppies from this breeder, all year round. The breeder will bring the puppy to you in another location, and/or avoid showing you around his property. The property is not sanitary, or dogs are kept in confined cages. Finally the biggest warning sign: the breeder does not ask you questions about your environment, lifestyle, reason for a buying puppy, or the breeder tries to let you take the puppy home right away. Responsible breeders do not let their puppies to go u201cnobodiesu201d. They try to match puppies with suitable and similarly responsible homes. (note the no health/genetic guarantee)

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