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Published: 09 August 2018

Posted by: rob_c

I am posting this information in-order to warn all potential customers of Affordable Hardscapes in Denver Colorado or Affordacrete in SanAntonio Texas (Owner Eddie Farnsworth). My husband and I hired them to do a stamped patio and fire pit. We went under contract with them on 5/29/09 and are still dealing with a CRACKED incomplete patio. They moved some sprinkler heads and have yet to replace with new ones so we are watering by hand. They left a mess of concrete littering my yard which they said they would clean daily. Well that was a joke, my husband and I cleaned it up ourselves. We had to put back fill dirt around the patio ourselves so as not to see the unfinished edge of the patio and so the dirt under the patio would not undermine due to erosion. Oh, did I mention the rest of the mess left on the side of my house (concrete forms, buckets, wood and plastic). He agreed to do some back fill work but has not done that either. The fire pit is about 50% complete. We have contacted him several times to get the job done but he yells at us (even uses profanity if you can believe that), walks off the job when we try to ask questions, and even hangs up the phone on us if we do get a hold of him. He says he is busy with other jobs and will get to it when he can. I guess we should have known better than to pay as you go, but that’s what we did. Now we only owe him about $700 more and will probably never see him finish the work or fix the 3 CRACKS that appeared 4 days after the concrete was poured. Oh we also have a 2 FOOT PRINTS in the concrete too. BEWARE!!! USE THIS SELF PROCLAIMED 20+ YEARS IN THE BUSINESS CONCRETE CONTRACTOR AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Whatever company name he has whether it be Affordable Hardscapes, AHdenver, or Affordacrete, this guy is trouble. He now has an F rating according to the Denver Better Business Bureau because he has 11 registered complaints just from this summer. So now, he flees to Texas to try and get away from all of the people that he has swindled out of money here in Denver. If you are in SanAntonio Texas, do not use this guy, unless of course you like dealing with criminals who swindle people out of money. Also we had 3 concrete contractors check out his work to see what it would take to fix his mess. They noticed more cracks, more footprints, more shoddy craftsmanship and explained all the things this guy did wrong. Looks like at least a $5, 000 repair job. We were able to serve him the court papers at the following address. 4785 so. Ireland ct. Aurora Colorado. We had a successful day in court. Now all we have to do is collect the money from this guy. Again, DO NOT HIRE THIS CROOK! If anyone has any information on owner Eddie Farnsworth or his accomplice Kristi Kemper Farnsworths whereabouts or how to find either one please let me know. We are getting a warrant issued for his arrest in Colorado, so at least if he ever shows his face around here, he will be put in jail. Since posting this complaint i have been contacted by twelve other customers of his with similar complaints. So again, do not use this guy. if you do, you’ll be sorry just like me. I just got this email from him today concerning this posting… Rob, You know that I have kids at my house, and you posted my address on the web sit I never thought you would do something so irresponsible and scummy. As I am sure you do not want me to post your phone number and address in chat rooms and on web pages because it puts your kids your wife and property at risk. I going to give you the opportunity to fix this outrageous mistake. Rob this is truly out of bounds what you did here. Lets keep this between us adults. You have until tomorrow at 5:00 to remedy this. Before I jump in the pig pen with you Eddie So one again he is trying to use intimidation to get what he wants. Well I have additional information as to his whereabouts… ID Number: [protected] Trade Name: Affordable Hardscapes True Name of Registrant: Edwin L Farnsworth Jr. Primary Residence or Usual Place of Business Street Address: 21481 E. Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011, United States Primary Residence or Usual Place of Business Mailing Address: PO Box 460747, Aurora, CO 80046, United States I encourage everyone to do what I did. It may take some time but it is definately worth it. And Eddie, the information provided about you is readily available and supplied by you. If you do post information that is not truthful and not available on the internet then you will find yourself in court once again. Eddie claims that the judgment was fair yet he still has not paid. In fact we are persuing additional legal avenues in order to receive our judgment. So do not be fooled by this crook. Whatever company name he has whether it be Affordable Hardscapes, AHdenver, or Affordacrete, this guy is trouble.

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