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Published: 31 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I Went to Aj’s Auto on 12/30/14, After speaking with Anthony a sales rep there onsite, who had told me that I had been approved for financing. I had completed an application online, weeks prior to my arrival. When I got there, I greeted Anthony along with Aj who instructed Anthony to go ahead and show me the vehicles I had been approved for. I ended up selecting a 2011 Camry. I was given paperwork to sign and I was asked to show my proof of income. I am a truck driver who gets paid under 1099, so my paychecks are deposited directly to my online banking accounts, I had two at the time. After reviewing, Aj & Anthony told me that the bank would not be able to use that, and that I had to purchase check stubs from them in order to guarentee that the bank would finance me. I was charged $150 in addition to my $2000 down payment on top of the insurance coverage I needed in order to ride off. I left that day, but was notified by phone about a week and a half later by Abby & Anthony, saying that the bank had not been able to contact me nor my employer for verification and that I needed to return the Camry to Aj’s for a lot audit. I was New Hampshire at the time, but immediately notified my superior to request a route home. Aj’s said they could not wait for my return and needed to have the car immediately. I gave them the address to my job, where it was towed back to Aj’s. I arrived 2 days later @ Aj’s to find my property in a bag and my Camry no where on the lot. I requested a refund of my $2000 but was told that there was another bank who had pre-approved me for financing, and all I needed was an extra $1000 down. I didnt have the cash, but I was allowed to pick a red 2006 mustang, I was given a test drive tag, along with a test drive form , and was allowed to leave to retrieve the extra cash. I returned 3 days later with $900, $100 of which was used to purchase new check stubs for the new bank. I then asked for a 30 day temporary tag for my new Mustang, because I had been driving it for 3 days now, on test drive tags. I was denied! I was told that, I could not get my temp tags until the bank contacted me and my employer to verify. I was skeptical at this point, because I had already lost the Camry due to the bank SUPPOSEDLY not being able to reach me for verification. I was assured however, that my test drive tags were legally sufficient for me to continue driving the car. I left, but the very next day, had a cranking/battery issue with the car! But after a quick jump off, it crank right up with no problems, I figured the battery was weak and didn’t mention it, that day while at Aj’s signing paperwork. The following morning was different however, because unlike the morning before, this morning the car could not be jumped off at all. I called Aj and instantly began getting criticized for not mentioning this the day before. Aj agreed to have the car towed. I rode back to Aj’s with the tow truck driver, and when we got there, the mechanic said that the battery was dead. He replaced it with a new one and off I went. The next morning, the very same thing! I called and started demanding a refund at this point, because it had not even been 2 weeks since I had the car, and it was already having major electrical issues. Aj denied my request for a refund and said that, if I backed out at this point, I would lose everything meaning my down payment and my car. I then demanded a loaner car, until they could find and fix the problem with the mustang. Aj then sent his mechanic to my location with a spare battery and the loaner car for me to drive. The next morning I was pulled over taking my wife to work in Alpharetta, Ga and issued a citation for driving a vehicle without a valid tag and proper vehicle registration. I was told to park until AJ could get someone out with the vehicle registration to avoid having Aj’s vehicle towed. This was an embarrassment within itself. Anthony then arived with a dealer tag from another vehicle, which was placed on the loaner. I immediately went to Aj’s and complained, because the same tags I had gotten stopped for, were the same tags on my mustang. I was assured that they would pay the ticket and that the tags were legit. I returned the following day to pick up my mustang, and requested a 30 day temp tag. I was denied, and told that if I was given a temp tag that my down payment would not be refunded, because they had to pay taxes on the tag. And that, once the bank cleared that I would be issued one. A few days later, I was contacted by Abby telling me to come pick up my tag and that the bank had approved. I flew down there, because I was happy to finally be able to drive without being in fear of trouble from the police. I went down got the tags put on and left like any other day. The very next day, I received a call saying the bank wanted 6 references and that I needed to come down. When I got there, they requested my keys and pulled me into a back office room, where I was told I had not been financed. I asked for my deposit so I could leave and was offered $700 out of my $3150 that I had given them in total. After begging Aj’s brother Mohammed, he finally agreed to give me $1000 if I signed a statement saying I received $1000 from Aj’s and that I was HAPPY! I had no way back home, nor was I offered a ride and the cab ride back to Norcross, cost me $98 out of the $1000 that was returned. If you look at thier reviews on google, you can see complaint dating back to 2009 when they first opened! And if you look at thier positive reviews, they are all created by phony female profiles, during the same months and dates. I think this was done to mask the bad reviews. I also found out that it is illegal to create fake check stubs, in my case AJ’s were using me to commit bank fraud, which is a felony! People please take your business elsewhere these people are crooks and they will rip you off! I went to them because I got hired to drive for Uber and I needed a car Uber accepts, I have a family and I can’t drive over the road like I use to. I have since lost my job, my down payment, and my transportation all because I decided to do business with Aj’s Autos! BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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