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Published: 05 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

my stretched limo was damaged in an accident covered by allstate insurance, while i had a strong potential to sell it. at the insistence of allstate i took it for repair to a facility near my home to save time, during the 3rd week of may 2008. the car was fully stripped to have allstate inspect and give ok for repairs, commencing monday 19th of may 2008, per detailed email communications between me and the staff mentioned above. specifically i had a clear understanding that the car would be fully ready in 5-6 days, as i had a group SERIOUSLY int’d to buy the car and take it to canada. the car was not ready and its readiness kept getting delayed to a 3-week repair time, ending june 6, 2008. i asked mr. gikas and he wrote me on the morning of june 6th, saying “Rueben come down and take a look at the limo this morning if you have time I think you will be happy. Thanks. George.” when i went to get the car on friday afternoon of june 6, i was told that the car had a minor alignment to undergo and i should bring it back on monday for its repair and final inspection. i paid my 500$ deductible and left the repair shop, in hope of giving a courtesy ride to my sister and family wanting to go on a cruise from SF. when i took possession, soon i realized that there were several unsafe conditions present in the car, either not repaired or improperly mickey-moused, such as hood alignment, bumper, sidings and many other factors and the worst being that the driver side door had a gap of opening thorough which i could stick my left hand out! the car did not have a horn either. i brought the car back first thing on monday june 9th and demanded a “quality, timely” finish of the job. later i met with two inspector of my insurance co. that disappointedly noticed and took note of the improper and substandard workmanship. they asked the repair shop to replace the cheap hood they had placed on my car and install a new one, to undo many of the problems. again, several days passed and akins body shop still did not live up to its promise. at last i took the car out of the shop while them admitting to the untimeliness of the repair and reluctantly. finally allstate intervened and paid me the cost of improper and misaligned radiator support that has allegedly caused series of misalignments (front left light, hood, doors, frame, etc.) but when i took the limo to a reputable shop, one hour away from my house, they did not want to touch the car due the “sh..y” job they had done and said, “this would be opening a can of worms”. now my car sits unfinished, unable to sell and left with SERIES of unfinished repairs and missing parts. the a/c or heating system malfunctions seriously and makes the temp. either extremely cold or hot, and the list goes on. they scammed the insurance co. which DIRECTLY i pay for that, nearly 10,000$. they told me they would detail my car and give me a free detail on my second car which they NEVER did. Reuben paloalto, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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