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Alan Statman

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Published: 06 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

DO NOT TRUST ALAN STATMAN! It is better to put your property in a family member’s name than to do a “Will or Trust.” The courts will seize it. I am not the only person this has happened to or is happening to, as is demonstrated in the ICON Rosa Parks case, however in that case a judge did right the wrong action, good for him! However, Statman, Schofield, Steele; and now retired Commissioner Don Green, (author of the California Conservatorship Handbook) Judge Joyce Cram and the most recent judge whom ruled in the conservator’s favor is a well established cabal that does not have my mother Virginia Smith’s best interest at heart, to include the Contra Costa County Bar Association and Breakfast Club. My mother’s civil rights have been violated under the Federal “Color of Law Statute,” which resulted in a filed complaint with the FBI along with other state and federal complaints. It is far from over and I will see to it that my mother’s best interest and justice is served! My parents worked hard for their property and thought they planned well for their immediate beneficiaries, in this case it is only me, since my brother who was the real villian here and not a secret to Katherine Schofield, Alan Statman, Danny Cunningham (Conservator of the Person). His friends, Magany Abass, real-estate attorny and Ross and Harris, the Estate Planners knew he was dying of cancer and pushed through a conservatorship without following procedure in three weeks, then have consistentaly tried to paint me as the villian and failed. They never mentioned all of the money my brother stole from my parents, maybe he paid them off, that is just a thought with no proof, but there is proof that he bankrupted their other properties, accounts and was deeply in debt at the time of his death. Since Alan Statman, Katherine Schofield and Mr. Steele of Steele, George, Schofield and Ramos, LLP were successful with their backroom deal of “Unlawful Detainer” denying me a jury trial and ignorning the fact that I am the only immediate beneficiary who visits my mother, I was evicted from our home of 43 years, taken to jail on Wednesday, August 14 so that they can rent, sell or do whatever they want with our home. The eviction court judge in a status hearing on July 31, 2013, did not give me the time of day and stated to me that the judgment was a “done deal” and did not attempt to hear the case, ignored the fact that I told her Alan Statman was not the Landlord and did not own our home. It was awful! As a matter of fact, this judge smiled as she informed me to pack immediately after I asked her how much time I had. The judge also ignored my question as to why I was denied a jury trial and simply did not respond. The fact that Alan Statman can have complaints deleted and removed from websites such as this one speaks to the fact that he has an art for deceptive practices. He has not submitted a rebuttal because he cannot deny his unlawful and fraudulent actions as THIS IS THE SECOND time I am posting a complaint against Alan Statman and Katherine Schofield on Ripoff Repor. However, nothing in this complaint or my first complaint is fraudent. See one of many case numbers P10-00095 under FOIA, while this is unbelievalbe it is a fact. My parents had no idea they would lose their debt-free property after bogus legal fees were stacked up and an illegal loan taken against our property where not one cent went towards my mother’s care who receives medi-cal at the nursing home. It is remarkable to know that those whom we vote in and entrust as officers of the courts, who vow to uphold the law are unfortunately some of the same officers including commissioners and judges that use their power in a capacity of “Judicial Misconduct and Fraud” to commit Elder Abuse and violate the civil rights of those whom are unable to fend for themselves and deem it unnecessary to speak with me, her only daughter. Again, these are the people, we entrust who are only concerned with lining their pockets, through a cabal to rob and steal the property of families, and know how to use the law to do exactly that, it is a national movement that is happening across country. Many estate planners are key players in assisting court officers to do just that, “steal the family property, claiming a trust and will will protect their assets (in which, my case estate planners Ross and Harris, where Pricilla Harris perjured herself in court to benefit the conservators without producing any legal documents, and though I did, my documents were ignored and medical power of attorney revoked on bogus terms. Alan Statman and Katherine Schoefied are determined to deny my inheritance, they have never produced the will or an Amendened Trust, they do not have one, except the fraudulent one that Alan Statman created after the death of my father in which the Trust had then become “Irrivocable.” The following letter from Schoefield backdated for their purposes on May 28, states: Dear Ms. Vivian: Please find enclosed a copy of the May 23, 2018 order granting Mr. Statman’s Petition for Approval of Accounting and Fees; Petition for Instruction (of course this team had the court approve and unsupervised trust) so they did not have to account to me for anything and had a carte blanche to do what they wanted. Out of the quarter-of-a million dollars that Alan Statman received in a loan against our home, (he did not have to provide any accounting let alone, a forensic accounting, and put the deed in his name without informing me. He said he did not have to). The letter continues: Pursuant to the order, Mr. Statman is authorized to rent/sell 2031 Mira Vista Drive on or after June 15. You are required to notify Mr. Statman by May 30, 2018 as to whether you intend to rent the property yourself (the home I grew up in that my parents purchased for our family) by June 1, 2018 you must 1) execute a lease agreement with Mr. Statman, (both know that I am a disabled senior citizen) 2) pay first and last month’s rent 3) pay a security deposit, and 4) demonstrate satisfactorily to Mr. Statman (a fiduciary, not a practicing attorney) that you will be able to pay monthly rent (both know I am on a fixed income) for the duration of the rental period. In bold: If you choose to vacate the property (as if I have a choice), you must vacate it by June 15, 2013. If yo have not vacated the property by that date and there is no lease agreement with you in place, Mr. Statman will initiate the evicition process (which is what they did). If Mr. Statman is forced to institute eviction proceedings against you, you will be liable for the expense associated with those proceedings. We would prefer to work cooperatively with you (they never have and from day one began a slew of fabrications to steal our property through a fraudulent conservatorship by ignoring the trust, no investigations were ever conducted, etc.) and avoid the eviction process entirely. Mr. Statman will be readily available to work out the details of a lease agreement with you, (of our family home, once debt-free before Alan Statman took out a loan for their legal fees) and is waiting to hear from you. However, if neither of us hears from you by May 30, 2013, we will take the silence to mean that you are electing to vacate the property. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Kathryn A. Schofield.

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