Alan Vester Ford Honda Of Roanoke Rapids Universal Underwriters

Alan Vester Ford Honda Of Roanoke Rapids Universal Underwriters

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Published: 15 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My husband and I purchased a 98 Ford Explorer in 2001 from Alan Vester Ford. We also purchased an ($800.00)extended warranty at time of purchase. The Explorer was still under factory warranty as well. We started noticing the Explorer cutting back and making a ticking noise, lets say three months after we bought it. I took it into Alan Vester Nissan where we purchased it, same owner of Alan Vester Ford. They diagnosed it with some type of pipe underneath that was causing the noise. Later we are still having the same problem. The problem seemed to have worsened.(cutting back/ticking)I decided to take it to Alan Vester Ford for same problem. They told us that it was normal for a Explorer w/V8 motor to make that noise. Problem then just got worse. Made another appointment to take it back to Alan Vester Ford. The service manager told us that the tech checked the transmission fluid and they decovered that the transmission was never flushed before pulling it onto the lot to sale. She also stated that if they flushed the transmission fluid that it should stop the noise. They did so! The ticking and the cutting back got worse and louder. I made another appointment. They then diagnosed it as “a” lifter gone bad. There are 8 lfters. This problem should be covered on our extended bumper to bumper warranty. Mean while, Alan Vester states that we have to give permission to go inside to diagnose the problem, dont forget, they have already diagnosed it as a lifter. Nor, me or my husband gave anyone permission to do anything. They tore out the motor so that Universal Underwriters adjuster could see where the problem is. The adjuster states that Universal Underwriters will not pay for any repairs until Alan Vester could show them which lifter had gone bad. Alan Vester Ford could not show them which lifters due to not having the right lifter equipment to dignose the 1 lifter. So, Alan Vester Ford calls us and says, we have put your Explorer back together and your bill is $592.00 NO repairs. I ask what was that charge for and they said to put the motor back together. Alan Vester stated that Universal wasn’t going to pay for the repairs because it was due to ware and tare. I fell to mention that before all of this occured numerous phone calls were made from us back and forth to Alan Vester to Universal Underwriters because it seemed that each company was blammng it on one another. Well sad to say, we still now have a lemon that just getting worse and worse. Here I have an explorer that I still owe $$$$.$$ on and wouldn’t drive it across the state line. Recently, Within the last 3 days, the passenger side window when rolled down gets hung. The locks will not work from inside or keyring. Made an appointment with Alan Vester Ford. They diagnosed it as manufactory wiring problem. They wanted me to give permission to break it down and if its not covered under your warranty, then it will cost you up to $800.00. I told the service manager to do nothing and we would come pick it up. When we got there the bill was $83.00 and she said that she was gonna give us a break. The charge was now $50.00 for doing nothing again! Amy Roanoke Rapids, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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