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Alan Vigil Ford

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Published: 23 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Om May 31st of 2003 my wife and i bought a BRAND NEW Ford Escape LIMITED 4×4 with ALL options. Before we left the dealership the Brake Resevoir was almost empty, they filled it up, there were NO visible leaks. I’m crippled but I got on the ground and looked !2 weeks later the Brake Fluid was LOW again, i drove it back, they refilled, never filing any reports, no problem. At 5,000 miles the front end begins to shimmy when the brakes are applied, this time we get charged $50. for a rental because they can’t afford to keep fixing our problems! One month later the shimmying is still going on and they “TURN”(SCRAPE)the front Rotors and leave the BAD pads on. the next month, same thing, we pay ANOTHER $50. for a rental and they REPLACE the Front Brake Rotors AND PADS and charge us for the Pads, their not covered. We refused to pay! 2 months later the front end begins making grinding noises when brakes are applied and the shimmying is back, this time the USED CAR MANAGER TRAVIS is ordered to let us use his “take home” car, a 2002 dodge Quad Cab that smelled like puke and was absolutely filthy, it WAS Disgusting. the dealership called and said they had to keep our car for about a week, the next day they called and said they couldn’t get it to “Reproduce” the problem for them. Travis tells me I’m going to trade my $30,000 LIMITED 4×4 Escape on this $14,000 wrecked, 90,000 mile Dodge or he’s going “Stomp my Cracka a*s” in front of my 7 yr old daughter. i told him to “Bite Down” I’m almost 40 and a Disabled veteran, a former Infantry Scout, he’s a former Crack Dealer. The OWNER “ALAN VIGIL” witnessed this and called Travis over to him and put his arm around Travis’ shoulder and told him not to pay attention to “those CHARITY TYPES !”My daughter and i left very angry and when i put it in drive it “CLANKED” very loud and the Transmission slipped! We’d NEVER had any trouble with the Transmission before they “TEST DROVE IT”. All of this happened BEFORE 10,000 miles so we filed for the Lemon Law. At that point it had been in the shop 8 times for the brakes alone and NOW the Transmission is going out! We’ve taken to them 6 times for the transmission and each time they “TRY” to charge us $50. for a Rental but we called the Better Business Bureau and stopped that, now they only HOLD the money and return as long as the gas tank is full and they go around it looking for scratches and such. We took it to Legacy ford in McDonough, GA. about 15 miles south of Alan vigil ford and had no idea we were walking into a trap! The Used Car Manager “Travis” is friends with “Charles”, the Used CAR Manager at Legacy Ford. I’m 100% disabled with a spinal disability and live in a wheel chair yet somehow I overcame my disability and jumped out of my Truck and started screaming, they QUOTE<” I’m gonna kill you Niggas, I’m gonna kill you niggas” and was running chasing them around the parking lot. The Owner of Legacy ford is a former Congressman and BIG Civil Rights Activist. I had my little girl with me, when we pulled up I told the man there, Charles, who i was and what i was there for to see if they could fix my truck, we’re former customers of Legacy Ford and he told me to “Get yo Cracka a*s out Da truck” in front of my little girl !!!! I DID say “F%^K YOU f****t” and drove off. My little girl had defacated in her clothes from fear when he started. We drove off quickly, Charles is about 6’4″ and 310 lbs ! I live in a wheelchair. The Police were waiting when we pulled into our driveway and arrested me for terrorstic threats and acts ! A FELONY in GA !! Legacy Ford found 3 African american sales people to say they were standing right there and watched me say and do ALL of these things right in front of the Video camera ! they DESTROYED the tape that day. the girl working the front desk who had a open view to all of this told the Police what happened, she was fired that day and NOT allowed to be a witness nor was my daughter, i did mention the OWNER was a former Congressman and told ME outside the courtroom that he hates ‘Whitey” !!! I thought it was 1972 ! Without the Video Evidence and my witnesses NOT allowed to testify the DA ALLOWED me to PLEA it down to a Misdemeanor of Simple Battery or he’d prosecute for the Felony and go for the FULL 5 to 7 years in prison ! I caved, I kept hearing and seeing steel doors slamming ! Alan vigil Ford STILL REFUSES to fix my car and THREATENS to call the Police on me constantly. I don’t hate anyone because of the color they were born with. My Pastor came to court to Testify that we, my wife, daughter and I NEVER miss a Sunday and usually make it for the evening services but was told to GET OUT! by the Judge.My Probation Officer is an African american who BELIEVES I’m a White Supremisist and told me in front of the entire court he’d LOVE to find a reason to REVOKE my Probation !I had to sell my 2003 dodge Quad Cab 2500 I got myself from the accident that left me crippled so I could pay all the fees and fines and ONLY got just barely half of what i paid for my dodge Truck ! Sure,I’ve threatened to kill people before in my life but didn’t do it, they’re still alive, I’m almost 40 and havn’t always been a christian but I didn’t in anyway threaten that giant of a man and especially not in front of my little girl ! I’ve had to enemy soldiers in the War for this country but i’ve never Murdered anyone ! I was an Infantry Scout and I served this country with pride and some people can say and do ANYTHING they want and that’s that ! You ARE GUILTY until proven innocent and THAT is the TRUTH ! Lady Justice was Raped and Blinded a LONG TIME ago ! Edward Locust grove, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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