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Alex Youssef

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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Alex Youssef is a career con artist who preys on individuals and companies interested in doing Panelized Load Bearing Construction. Alex Youssef has a growing history of litigation. He has been caught by some and sued because of it however most cases are Alex Youssef suing partners/associates/investors/customers/vendors or whoever has the deepest pockets to draw from. Alex Youssef is known to form false businesses in an attempt to lure his targets. Companies like Advanced Building Systems, Advanced LGS, LLC and Pinnacle Advanced Building, Inc., to name a few. He also managed to be the CEO to some of these companies, which all are known to be Panel companies, at the same time. It seems suspicious to own and operate two businesses that do the same thing at the same time. From June 2018 until July 2019 he was the CEO of both Advanced Building Systems and Advanced LGS, LLC. Two companies known to produce the same types of products and services. From October 2019 until Present, he is the CEO of Advanced LGS, LLC and Pinnacle Advanced Building, Inc. These companies are also both known to be Panel companies. Currently, one of Alex Youssefu2019s businesses is registered to an address that has no affiliation with him or the business. On his website, it lists his address at the bottom of the page. This link shows that neither Alex nor his business have ever been associated with this address. Additionally, none of the businesses that have been here are related to a Panel company.,+Downey+CA Alex Youssef misrepresents himself to try to attract his victims. He makes claims that he is not able to provide any evidence of. On the website, Alex makes claims of $20M “…in work ordersu2026u201d Alex is attempting to mislead potential business associates as there is no way to prove what he has in work orders. This is a blatant attempt to lure potential targets. Where Alex Youssef makes his final strike against his victims is by suing them. Mercedes Benz Financial has a lawsuit which can be easily located online. In this case, it appears Alex Youssef has taken money for a job and not performed the work. This tends to be the case in most of the lawsuits involving him. Another lawsuit easily found online is Alex Youssef and 5D Systems; his own company. He was a partner in 5D Systems that was a Panel Manufacturing company. This company was in business for less than 12 months. Within that time Alex Youssef managed to not only bankrupt the company, but attempt to sue his partners. He was the owner of Wescor; Alex Youssef bankrupted Wescor In regards to one of his business associates Grace Zhu; they were in business for less than a year. He was caught stealing company funds (embezzlement). He was an officer and reported owner of the firm. He was embezzling funds from him and his partner until the firm was forced to close their doors. Pinnacle Construction u2018 Alex Youssef entered into a contract with Pinnacle and Ali Fadhavi Construction to do an apartment building. He received over $700,000 in advanced payments, and quickly abandoned the job after only 30% completion. He had a similar experience with a job in Oakland. The panels were so poorly manufactured the installer was forced out of business. Known Aliases on Public record Alex Yousef Alex Yossef Alex Youseff Hany Youseff Alex G Youssef Hana Youssef Hany Youssef Hany S Youssef Alex Yousseff Alex Yousset On top of the lawsuits, Alex Youssef has a significant amount of Liens/Judgments against him. Here are just a few: 1. New York Amount: $55,920 Creditor: ITRIA Ventures LLC Type: Civil Judgment 2. California Amount: $7,022 Type: State Tax Lien 3. California Type: California Tax Lien 4. California Amount: $94,612 Type: State Tax Lien 5. California Amount: “$0u201d Type: Forcible Entry/Detainer Release in Santa Monica, CA 6. California Type: Eviction Creditor: CAL American Corporation 7. California Debtor: WESCOR Construction/Alex Youssef Amount: $42,338 Type: Judgment Lien 8. California Creditor: Cal American Corp Type: Eviction 9. California Debtors: Alex Youssef/Wescor Construction (his company) Creditor: LW Supply Corporation Amount $1,464 Type: Civil Judgment 10. California Amount: $46,774 Type: California State Tax Lien 11. California Creditor: US Rentals Amount: $220 Type: Small Claims Judgment 12. California Tax Lien Amount: $1,123 In addition to the stacks of liens against him, Alex Youssef has the following also associated with him: Multiple Bankruptcy Filings Defaulted on owned real property 10 times Multiple aliases to hide his past judgments, liens, bankruptcies and evictions. Uses other peopleu2019s identities (generally with their knowledge) to open corporations legally which he would not be able to do under his own name due to his past. Alex Youssef does not pay his taxes. If you are considering going into business with Alex Youssef, I beg you look as deep as you can into him. Everything that has been stated here is true and can be verified through public record. Alex Youssef is a crook, a criminal and he will prey upon anyone that gives him the opportunity. Do not do business with this man, he will take your money and run.

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