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Published: 17 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I recently purchased as in 1 week and 2 days ago a new “used car” from Alexandria Motors – Sam actually sold me the car. The car is now sitting – in front of my house and can’t be driven. It will not start. But, that’s just the beginning. Let me give you the scenario.I don’t have great credit – I don’t have the worst ( but in these times who credit is really flawless) anyhow, I was looking to purchase a vehicle and had filled out some apps online and Sam called me back about my application with Alexandria Motors. So all in one day really like 4 hours it was a deal ( verbally) I was to come look at the car, drive it and if everything worked out – sign the papers and it’s official. Of course, the pictures online the car is beautiful – flawless even – the price is not to bad so I am thinking this is a good deal. This is where the fun begins.So when it comes time – I was told by Sam I could not come Saturday because his boss is actually driving the vehicle ( who the owner is also a licensed lawyer) which is why I am assuming the lawsuits against them are always dismissed. However, he is going to come in on his off day (Sam) which was Sunday and do everything for us let us drive the car and do all the paperwork. So we agree to meet around noon ( was told we would be in and out in 30 mins) at 11:45am on Sunday I get a text – “Sorry can we reschedule for around 3:30 I had a family emergency come up”. So we agree to meet later. So I have to kill time until 3:30…. eventually I decide to drive by the dealership thinking the car will be there because I am supposed to test drive it…WRONG the car is not there. So 3:30 rolls around – no Sam and no car…I text him around 3:45 – and ask him if everything is ok? His response is ” Sorry guys be there in 15-20 mins” so then the car shows up – it’s not the owner driving it – it’s one of the sales reps – Car looks great from a distance – up close – it’s been keyed on one side – small dents in the front.They put almost 1000 miles on it in about 2 weeks. The interior was terrible – as far as being dirty – supposed to be a non-smoking vehicle and there were ashes in it. The sales guy had a cigarette in the seat when he got out of the car (now keep in mind Sam said the car was flawless). So Sam finally shows up – and I tell him I’m not happy about the condition of the car – his attitude was well and his words were ” You can take it or leave it.” However, he then says ” Ok test drive the car first and then we can work something out about the car – it’s nothing to us to have it fixed.” So I drive the car – the car ran good – the interior was just very dirty, exterior was dirty , tires on the front were bald. Things had been spilled in the back.So I drive it back to the dealership – Sam says he’s going to knock $400 bucks off to have the car repaired. I have a dealership I like to use have taken several of our cars there and they do a really great job and they are not high in prices (even though it will be more than $400 I trust the dealership I use). Of course he did not want to do that so he knocked money off. So, we go to sit down – HE HAS NOTHING DONE – no paperwork nothing at all!! Now keep in mind he worked Saturday so all this should have been done. So we sit and we wait while he does everything- so he says” I even “THREW” in an extended warranty NO CHARGE for you guys” sound great right —- WRONG – so start signing the papers he tells me my monthly payments put the temp tags on the car – tells me he wants me to come back on Tuesday to sign all the actual papers that will go to the bank….these are just to let me drive the vehicle home. So still not thinking anything of it. So 4 hours later I am finally back on the road home – well actually – if you consider when I left home…. 9.5 hours later I am on my way back home.This is where the trouble begins – Tuesday morning – Service Engine Soon light comes on-So meet with Sam to sign the papers – that’s when I find out that the deal is not finalized with the bank yet and that the “FREE NO CHARGE” warranty actually is costing me $2000 bucks – and to boot – the company that the warranty is with has 66 reports on here about what a scam they are!!!!! I can’t cancel it because my car is being financed so I’m basically screwed out of the money. So they tell me the light was on because of the gas cap being loose – when it came on BEFORE I had gotten gas. So they do whatever it was that they did and turn it off. I get home – talk to my fianc and we are going over everything and that’s when we see a little $2000 charge for this warranty. So the service engine light comes on again – and then the car won’t start ( not sure if the two are connected or not). So Sunday I text Sam – “Sam what’s up with the truck you sold us it won’t start we need to talk.” No response – so several hours later ( and hours of research later) and tell him ” Since you are failing to respond we have no choice but to go another route the legal one. WE will not take this lying down.” Within oh I don’t know 5 minutes…my phone is ringing….. ” What’s up Mr. *** ?” ” Me: What’s up is this truck that won’t start that you sold us.” Sam ” Well what do you want me to do about it, its my day off everyone is entitled to a day off and I start getting bombarded with these text messages” ( keep in mind it’s only TWO) I ask him about the warranty and he of course laughs and says ” You signed the papers” So we go back and forth he eventually says ” Bring the car back and I’ll give you your money” – start going back and forth I tell him about the lawsuits I have seen and tell him I think they are scammers and liars….and his response is to HANG UP on me. The conversation really did not even get heated because he doesnt let you say anything.Well of course we can’t take the car back because we have already been financed with the bank. So now, I have a car I can’t drive – don’t know what it’s going to take to get it repaired.The bottom line is this – the owner is a lawyer, Sam has had lawsuits against him as well as Alexandria Motors having them – the dealership Sam used to work at/ own not sure has gone out of business and had a large lawsuit filed against it. All a matter of public records. All the sales people drive these cars and just trash them out!! They lie and tell you things are not going to cost you and they do. They take advantage of you because your credit is not that great and prey on you. I hope that more people come forward and tell their stories because I know I am not the only one. I wish there was some way I could get my money back if nothing else for the warranty because I never would have gotten it if I had known it would cost me two grand!! I’ll make sure everyone on the internet knows their business practices. I have text messages and pictures to back up everything. If the cameras in their office have sound – they have Sam telling us the Warranty was free of charge.Oh and to boot – the warranty does not take effect until 90 days…..STAY AWAY from this dealership at all costs or it will cost you!!! Looking back I see so many things wrong…and probably should have ran…but, Sam slimed his way right on through. I know used cars are not perfect hence the used part….but, I don’t think they have done anything with this car other than drive it and run it down. I don’t think they do the mechanics on the cars or the upkeep they do the bare minimal to get the cars sold.

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