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Published: 18 July 2019

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BUYERS BEWARE: SHOW CAT BREEDER SELLING SICK RINGWORM CATS Date Listed 06-Mar-12 Chatham-Kent, ON, Canada Offered By Owner Date of Birth 14-Nov-11 (16 weeks old) DescriptionRehoming & AdoptionBUYERS BEWARE: ALFENLOCK HIMALAYAN CATS IS SELLING A $1000 HIMI CAT INFESTED WITH RINGWORM!! THE AD SAYS “STUNNING TORTIE POINT FEMALE” HIMI ( ad is dated Feb 9th) and had a picture of a cute tortiept extreme face himi girl (the picture shown here is the brother we bought and paid $1000 for which is now SICK). THE CAT ON HER AD IS THE SAME CAT WHICH IS BADLY INFECTED WITH “RINGWORM”, WE KNOW, AS WE HANDLED HER JUST 1+ WKS AGO, WHEN LEAVING WITH HER BROTHER, AND HER BODY WAS FULLY COVERED WITH IT. (BREEDER CLAIMED IT WAS AN ALLERGY) Since I recently emailed her about the issue with about our boy, she told me THEN (after the fact) to shampoo and treat him for ringworm! (little late wouldnt you say?) We are not aware of what this ringworm illness or symptoms were till it just happened to us! Here is the story, we bought the flamept brother out of this litter, of course she would not allow us to pick him up till he was fully bathed brushed etc. We found nothing on him, he seemed clean to us, and she noted his CLEAN HEALTHY vet record going home with us. Once we paid her $1000 cash for this boy, and were almost leaving she brought his sister upstairs to let us see her as we were thinking on buying not one but 2 of them. Her body was literally covered in sores and scabs etc, and this was within this past 2 weeks we were at her house. Diane the breeder, sells her cats from $1000 -$2000 per cat! she proceeded to give us some pills to give our new kitten, “just in case” he got sick from having his bath that day. Well now, the male we bought is in full blown ringworm and upper respiratory issues and is on Clavamox antibiotic and being treated at our cost for ringworm. Needless to say, we now LOVE this boy, and we are out of pocket $$ for his health care and now I HAVE RINGWORM TOO! This lady lied saying this kitten was healthy, gave me his vet record to prove this and never said ONE word about the ringworm in her cattery and on her kittens. (she only needed to keep him there till she herself, treated and got rid of the ringworm) but she was too ready to take my $1000 for this infected boy. Even though i have made her well aware of this, she is only willing to give me my $ back I paid, nothing for the lies, me having ringworm now or the fact that we love this cat now! (we had asked to keep him as we now love him but to reduce his price due to all these issues) why send back a boy we now love to a seriously infected cattery of ringworm and respiratory issues? Now she still has his sister, the scabby infected one, online on Kijiji still selling her for $1000….beware, she does not tell the truth and claims to be this big time nice breeder, who deceives the truth of her sick cats. You will get a cat with a health record claiming she is vet checked and healthy, but she is FULL of ringworm, so beware…poor kitten is not worth no $1000 price tag. please buy from a reputable breeder not this one. (pictured is the pretty brother we just bought for $1000 that was guaranteed healthy and is now being treated for respiratory and ringworm.)

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