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Alfredo Gonzalez,

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Published: 14 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had the great misfortune of dealing with Alfredo Gonzalez Villapando, owner and landlord of 4615 Alonzo Avenue, Encino, CA 91316. I regrettably rented one of the units at this house for an extended period of time. More specifically, the garage storage room of this extremely dirty, smelly, warped, cluttered and poorly maintained house, which has been converted into a studio. Mr. Gonzalez Villapando advertises this unit as a “guest house” for rent on Craigslist. Alfredo also rents out rooms out of his other (poorly maintained) house located at 4250 Alonzo Ave, Encino, CA 91316 via airbnb under the banner of Tuscany Room and Bath for Rent Los Angeles. This particular unit, however, was freezing cold, had no heater, no kitchen, no sink, a broken toilet and no functioning appliances apart from a refrigerator. The unit had not been properly cleaned when I moved in, and yet, Alfredo deducted a $50.00 cleaning fee out of my $200.00 deposit upon move-out. This unit was not very livable, and had serious plumbing issues. Sadly, the owner and landlord, Mr. Alfredo Gonzalez Villapando is an utterly despicable and corrupt human being. At present, he has several bankruptcies behind him, and is currently running an illegal hotel operation via Craigslist. Mr. Gonzalez is heavily indebted, so clearly, he is desperate for money and should be avoided at all costs. United States Bankruptcy Any and all text messages and emails regarding repair, maintenance, and upkeep were ignored entirely by the landlord. I also did not appreciate his Mafia-like tactics of conducting a stake out by waiting for me outside of the house in his car to collect the rent. As well, I did not care for the way Mr. Gonzalez threatened to kick me out with a two-day notice, nor did I appreciate his threats to raise the rent by $50 due to my complaining about the living conditions. Further, Mr. Gonzalez made several (failed) attempts to nickel and dime me. For example, by asking me for an additional $15 per day for having my fiancu00e9 and baby daughter visit for a few days from out of the country. Furthermore, several shakedown attempts were made by the landlord to impose illegal fees and charges. On one occasion, the landlord called upon one of his goons to intimidate me when I refused to oblige. Clearly, Mr. Gonzalez has no sense of shame or decency. Water Heater:Situated in the adjoining garage, it would click incessantly all night. I complained about this repeatedly, over and over again, but to no avail. Mr. Gonzalez Villapando ignored my every complaint. Bug infestation and cockroaches:This unit is plagued by both. I complained, but nothing was done about this. Main Sliding Door in the unit:No lock was installed on the door, which is illegal. The landlord must install and maintain an operable dead bolt lock on each main swinging entry door of a dwelling unit. This is clearly stipulated in the California Civil Code. The door in this unit was very poorly maintained and needed to be slammed shut. Sliding Screen Door:Crooked, worn-out, and twisted. Did not keep any bugs out, at all. Main Gate to the guest house:Barely opens. Warped wooden gate scraping against the cement. Toilet:The toilet in this unit was the most disgusting old thing I’ve ever seen. It had severe mold growth in the toilet bowl, and did not flush properly during my entire stay, which was extremely unsanitary. As well, it leaked non-stop, producing a constant hissing noise that was more than a little irritating, forcing me to shut off the water. Bathroom Water Faucets:Water pressure was non-existent! As well, the water heater would give off a horrible buzzing sound whenever the hot tap was turned on. Bathroom Shower:Very old and barely working. No drain on the floor, turning the bathroom floor into a swimming pool after each shower. Bathroom air vent:Noisy vent and the filter was filthy and filled with bugs. Absolutely disgusting. Furniture and Appliances:Alfredo made an attempt to pass off a very old, stained and sagging mattress as being “new” by having it plastic wrapped. The remaining furniture in the unit was equally disgusting and worn-out. There were no kitchen appliances in the unit apart from a refrigerator and a non-functioning microwave oven. Air vent in the studio:Broken, but produced a consistent and very strong scent of marijuana emanating from the air vent passageway, as a result of intense cannabis smoking from the tenants in the main house. AC Sockets:Very old, worn out electrical outlets that didn’t grip onto the plugs, so they were essentially non-functioning. Again, these electrical installations were not in compliance with the California code of regulations and highly hazardous! Next Door Neighbors:Woke me up consistently each morning at 7AM due to renovation work. I.e., hammering and drilling. As well, I was subjected to endless hours of drum practice by the next door neighbors son. Lighting in the unit:Horrible. One lamp on the night stand and two very weak light bulbs on the ceiling fan. Not at all satisfactory. Electrical House Wiring:Highly dubious electrical wiring hanging loosely everywhere. I.e., cables and wires randomly hanging from the roof of the house. This was not in any way, shape or form in compliance with the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Electrical Safety Orders. Parking:Pulling out of the driveway from this house was hazardous, to say the least. There was no visibility while pulling out of the driveway and cars were racing up and down the hill. Your life is at stake while doing this! Early Morning Noise:Endless noise from construction sites next door, and further down the street, starting each morning at 7am. I don’t recall a single morning that I wasn’t woken up by this. Lack of privacy:Mr. Gonzalez felt that it was a good idea to give the tenants in the main house the keys to the garage, which was adjacent to the unit I was staying in. Having people loitering and snooping around in the garage on a daily basis did not provide me with much privacy. Mail:I did not receive a single letter while residing at this house. Clearly, Mr. Gonzalez emptied the mailbox without bothering to sort out the mail. Presumably, my mail was thrown in the trash, as none of my letters were forwarded to me. Backyard:The backyard of the unit was being used as a landfill. The display of disgusting old furniture, appliances, litter and other general trash and household junk was scattered all across the backyard. As well, the backyard housed an entire lizard farm, which was very unhygienic. The gates surrounding the backyard area were old and rusty and looked like something out of a state penitentiary. The garden was growing wild and rampant beyond the gates and had not been attended to in years. A horrible and disgusting-looking area. Outdoor Patio Furniture:Two glass tables from the 1980’s and three dreadfully ugly patio metal chairs, as well as two nasty-looking plastic patio chairs. Trash:Trash was not emptied on a weekly basis. No further explanation needed. TV:Did not work. No signal. It was never fixed. WiFi:Unstable WiFi connection. Outdoor Wall Mounted Lighting:Never worked, leaving the outside area pitch black at night. Laundry facility in the main house:Alfredo never bothered making a copy of the laundry room key, making it very difficult for me to do my laundry. Furthermore, the washer and dryer broke down quite a few times. Both machines were very noisy, old, slow, and inefficient. The noise was especially bothersome when tenants from the main house would dry their clothes after 11:00 PM. (Which was every night, btw) Main House:Laundry and kitchen access was via the main house. Unfortunately, the main house was one of the filthiest and dirtiest places I’ve had the misfortune to set foot in. I would describe it as being borderline health hazardous. If the tenants occupying the dwelling are not prone to cleaning the home on a regular basis, it is the responsibility of the owner and landlord to have someone clean the premises at least once per week. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. A nauseating pigsty. Tenants living in the main house:This property attracted a lot of criminals, druggies, street girls, misfits, outcasts, degenerates and unemployed people, seeing as no deposit, credit or background check was required to move in. Some of the tenants living in the main house were in the habit of dumping their garbage in the backyard attracting roaches and other pests. Further, the tenants in the main house would regularly do their laundry at 1, 2 and 3AM, which was terribly noisy and disruptive. Mr. Gonzalez assured me that he would speak to them about this, but naturally, he never did. Summary:Needless to say, I did not enjoy my experience here, and found the unit to be absolutely abysmal and appalling. More importantly, however, I did not appreciate the Mafia-like tactics with which Mr. Gonzalez attempted to bully me into being quiet about upkeep and maintenance of the premises. Mr. Gonzalez Villapando is severely lacking in terms of moral standards, business etiquette and protocol. He is, in fact, a sociopath, a criminal, and a pathological liar. I would strongly suggest that other potential renters steer clear of this highly dubious character at all costs, and avoid any and all business dealings with this unscrupulous slumlord. Again, avoid Mr. Alfredo Gonzalez Villapando AKA Alfredo Gonzalez at all costs!

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