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Published: 10 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I took my car to Alief Car Care Center to have a tune up done on my car. My car has about 91000 miles on it. Bob who is the “mechanic” who quoted me for the tune up also recommended that I get a fuel injection flush to clean the fuel injectors. I asked the owner of the shop (John, I believe is his name)what would happen to my car if I didn’t get them cleaned. And of course he went in to a long story about how eventually my car will stall and not turn on. So with that, I approved the go ahead. Two days after I had the work done to my car, my Service Engine Soon light came on. The third day, it was off, the light continued like this for about two weeks. I finally took it to the dealer to find out what was wrong with it. Long behold, they tell me my fuel injectors are causing a misfire and needed to be flushed. I thought, I just had that done. So I phoned John, and told him what the dealership had recommended. Again, he gave me this long story about how the dealership was trying to screw me and I needed to take the car back to them so they could make the call themselves. I agreed, but before I even got back it my car to take it to Alief Car Care, Bob the “mechanic” calls me to ask me what the problem was. Again, I explained what the dealership told me and of course he also said they were trying to screw me. With that said, I put the service manager of the dealership on the phone with Bob so they could discuss. After their conversation, I proceeded to speak to Bob about a solution. He basically told me that he did his job correctly (even though the service manager told him that in order to clean the injectors correctly, he needed to use nitrogen to cap the injectors, which he did not do)he disagreed with the service manager and basically told me that I probably put bad gas in my tank and that I was SOL. I immediately had the dealership get a fuel sample to see if that was true. And of course, there was nothing wrong with the fuel. I went ahead and had the dealership handle the problem. The next day my husband and I went to Alief Car Care to speak to the owner, John. I explained to him that the work performed was inadequate and the injectors were not “Cleaned” and I needed to be reimbursed. John disagreed and again gave me yet another long story about how some cars need the injectors flushed twice before being “cleaned”. So in other words, when you pay to have the injectors flushed and cleaned you are really not assured it’s going to be cleaned, just cross your fingers and hope it works. What a crock of bull. Needless to say, they would not accept any responsiblity for the inadequate work performed and would not reimburse me for having to go to the dealership and getting the work done right. And get this, I wasn’t even asking for a full reimbursment, I just wanted to be reimbursed on the labor. If they would have atleast worked something out with me, they would still have me as a customer. I’m a strong believer in paying a little more for excellent customer service. In this case I paid too much for the worst service I’ve ever had. What happened to, the customer is always right? Wanda Houston, TexasU.S.A.

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