Alitescooters ,formerly AllNewSports

Alitescooters ,formerly AllNewSports

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Published: 15 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Well I guess I am not the only one that has been screwed by this company. I purchased 2 Bali 250 cc scooters back in May 09. Told they were 2016 units. They were made back in 07. Had a hard time finding anyone to even work on these units. Finally! found a great tech at Honda power sports in Seattle. Bad clutches, and they keep stalling out. Brian sent 3 clutches over 2 months 2 were from used parts and covered in grease therefore unusable. the 3rd was the wrong size. Bikes are not running and unusable. It has cost me an additional $600 just in labor costs to find out these bikes are CRAP! Warranty is useless just like the company. I now have Amex nullifying the Charges to my account, well, on hold for now. I suggest you contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Told Brian by email to come and pick these up. Shall include 2 of 15 emails that I sent., stating a lesser charge by them and to send by Western union or Cashiers check for payment, before he sends anymore parts!!!WHAT!! He’s Got to be out of business and doing this as a fly by night operation. emails; Hey There! I have just called Roketa and they don’t even know of the Manufacture Benshou that you claim to be the maker of the Roketa Bikes you sold me?? What? I can’t get parts for these bikes . No wonder you kept sending used parts hoping they would fit! What are you doing? The models are from 2007 and not 2016 as you claimed. I am now having serious issues with a formal complaint going to American Express as regards these issues. What is your intention as to rectifing these issues. Or are you not going to reply? AGAIN!!! Neil, We wish you the best of health. Even if we pick the vehicles up we will still file a judgement against you unless you to pay for our losses and the shipping charges. This is the best offer we can do. The minimum payment of $1950 for both vehicles is the last offer. Please let me know which way you will proceed. Through this process we use email to keep records of conversation for proof. Alite Scooters 820 W Danforth Rd B-27 Edmond, Ok 73003— On Thu, 8/27/09, audioactive wrote: From: audioactive Subject: Re: un-paid vehicles collectionTo: “Alite Scooters” <[email protected]>Date: Thursday, August 27, 2009, 4:21 PM To whom it may concern: Let me know when you would like to pick them up! As regards crating, you can have the same freight company that delivered and dropped the crates and damaged them, bring replacements. I have photos of the delivery damage to prove this. You were also notified as to this and photo’s were sent to you. If you want to get into a legal wrangling and threats , Go ahead. I have 2 Professional motorcycle mechanics , 1 of which is the main service manager for Honda Motor Sports, willing to stand up in my defense as to the B.S. that has been going on, that have been personaly working on these 2 units ever since I could get them in for service, which is nearly impossible as no one I found out wants to work on these Bikes that you sell. I would like to know to whom, and when you spoke to anybody at Roketa, How come you did not forward your emails on to me as to these so called contacts and discussions and what came of the discussion to further resolve these issues. Which has been ongoing since May 09′ If you think I am going to send any Money to you, You must be Joking!! I am already in the hole by $600.00 just for Labor to try and fix these 2 pieces of Inferior and unusable units. Oh! and By the way all the stress and annoyance over this issue has caused me me to develop so much stress and anger caused me to have a heart attack. Maybe I should send you my Hospital Bill!! $53,000.00 Dollars. By the way , How come you never tell me your name, or even call to discuss this issue in person?

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