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Published: 03 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

ALL AMERICA DESIGN INC IS A RIP OFF OWN BY OREN SANANES AND AVRAHAM ADAM SHAUL. Not that they try to still monry from clients they also do a lot of other things. Gov may be intrested to know that they send saleperson to client if he didnt sale they will have another salesperson go to the same house form the same office and ownership with another contractor license and another name. OREN SANANES AND AVRAHAM ADAM SHAUL. are total rip off they will charge you more then 3 times then they should and its also SOMETHING VERY BAD in CA. they can go to jail!!!! and pay fines that comes to 100’s of dollars. the whole operation is a big scam!! see sample: If they had 0 Stars i would give them 0. I had the unfortunate event to have some clown name Michael come to my house without an appointment. he rings the bell and my wife comes to get me and says someone about the roof is here for you. i walk out and he tells me “i am here for the appointment” i said that we didn’t have an appointment and pulls me outside to “Talk to me about my leaking roof” as we walked out side he says “I don’t know what you do for living but I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and i can tell you your roof is leaking” he continues about my roof leaking and how my attic is full of moisture from the water that has made its way in. (I dont have an attic, Idiot!) and i tell him that this was not the right time and i would appreciate if he gave me his card and if i need him i can call him, his comments goes like this. “I don’t know why you make an appointment and decline to sit and keep it with us, are you ok? are you having a bad day?” i said We didn’t make an appointment and he is 100% sure we did and says “maybe your wife did!!!!” i said no she didn’t as i looked at her and he says “Maybe you should talk to your wife more often” at the point I am upset because this guy has no reason to be making comments about either myself or my wife. As i took his card i told him thanks, and he says “Well happy Easter to you too, great husband you have here ma’m” at that point i took his card and ripped it and told him to f*** off, and to get the f*** out of my property. This guy has NO right to make any comments to either my wife or myself and for the same reason i am upset and told him to F*** off.He walks away and is calling me a motherf***** and calling me names and you F Mexican and this and that. I am furious and i am walking behind him and i say “Say it again and come say it to my face and i will kick your F***en A**” he walks half of my block where he parked his truck and he is still calling me names, As he gets in his truck and i am walking back and he decides to turn his truck back around, stop in front of my property and he still calling me names while some of my neighbors are already out and wondering why this Clown is being an a**hole” All of the above happen to the exact words i am typing while his “Assistant” Marshall is just standing there doing nothing and doesn’t tell his boss that he has crossed the line. (Or maybe it is his dad) After reading Justin S review, believe me it is so much better that you do not deal with these people. Smith P. I also agree $26,000.00 for a roof is an amount that no one now a days can afford. I also have friends that are roofers and when i told him about this all they did was shake their head, this clown was very aggressive from the beginning and was upset about this “Fake Appointment” that we made and we didn’t keep, maybe i should speak to my wife more often. What a clown! By the way he is their Regional Manager, be careful and if you ever get a knock on your door and he is there while he hands you a his card, slam the door and keep him out. Wouldn’t hire them to do my roof or any other Design in my property if they were the last company in CA. this is on yelp see another one on yelp Consumers beware of passive aggressive sales techniques. A rep canvassed our neighborhood and we signed up for a free estimate/consultation for new windows. A sales rep showed up the next day. The minute he approached the front door, he started talking about our roof. He proceeded to go up in the attic to take pictures and explored the rooftop for damages. He found plenty of “reasons” for us to get a new roof. Our fear mounted with each comment he made. He seemed like an expert so we didn’t question him much. We sat down for a 2 hour presentation including 63 slides on a PowerPoint! When it came time to pricing, he used some typical sales techniques. The price of roofing our house was $26,000. If we signed the contract that night, we would get 15% off. Our house is only 1000 sq ft!!! He proceeded to knock off garage and patio roofing. We declined. Then he offered that his “manager” could possibly get us an additional discount if our home was showcased in the area. After that he offered us 2 free windows. He let us think about it in private for 10 minutes. When he came back he stated that his boss was making a big order on windows that evening and that if we signed the contract, the 2 windows would be ours for free.We told him kindly that we would need to sleep on it. It’s such a big purchase.The next day I called a roofer in my area who was referred to me by my reputable real estate agent. He came over and within 10 minutes he told me my roof had about 8 to 10 more years left!!!! Further, he expressed that although he’d love to sell me a roof, he couldn’t do it with a clear conscious. From needing a $26,000 roof to having almost 10 more years on our current roof. What a big difference! To all homeowners out there, please do your homework and get 2 or more estimates from reputable contractors. You can find good people through referrals. AND beware of big companies that canvas your neighborhood.

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