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Published: 20 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The fence install was rendered and paid out already by myself with no satisfaction of services, contract, and an open permit still outstanding to shoddy work and the permit expired after two extended permits that All Fencing & Repair was allowed to get and it was due to the encroachments they caused. Their last given permit expired on March 1, 2018 so I had to do a change of contractor to fix All Fencing & Repairs mistakes. The owner, Vito Coraci, is trying to extort money from me, I am 84 years old and I paid him already in 2018 for a fence install of $14,800.00 to date and he installed the fence incorrectly and wants me now to pay him again to move it to the correct location. I had to hire a real estate lawyer to speak on my behalf as I am sick over this matter. He is also creating a hardship on my wife with false accusations and she had nothing to do with this contract deal. I provided an accurate survey to work off of before the installation and a year later, in 2018 we find out he never disclosed to us the inspection was never done in 2018 because of encroachment issues. His salesman, only could get his first name, Charles, who intially came to me for my 50% deposit in the summer of 2018 and did not provide the materials like promised until over a month so they tied up my deposit money. When the product arrived, the truck was instructed to leave with it still on the truck which I had to get the Boca Raton Police Dept. dispatched to come out and assist us as I felt I was being conned into believing my money was for product they had no intent on leaving. I have a police report to prove this happened. My wife’s assistant had to help remove the product off the truck as they never brought a worker to do it only the driver from the manufacturer was there from Winrise. We have video footage to prove this happened as well. The salesman, Charles, lied to us about our 6 gates that were installed were suppose to be curved as per my request upon signing the contract and he agreed it would be but when the gates arrived separately they were straight gates on the top not curved so they then extorted another $800.00 right there for payment to get the right gates delivered. Now two years later from the install that was by comparison a bad job with staggering heights and I lost four feet of my property on one side due to them only taking the shortest path of resistance and “hugging the landscaping” instead of referring to the survey. they installed the back part over 20 feet off my property and 9 feet on my neighbor’s side. When inspection was failed the owner of All Fencing and Repair demanded we get another survey and I had to pay for it out of pocket and he also said I had to pay him again for him commiting to coming back to fix his mistakes. This is taking advantage of a Senior Citizen The company also responded to our lawyers demand letter with listing the wrong address where I live on their letter and letter head. The address that we discovered was another victim who also was taken by All Fencing and Repair and their quite large 50% deposit was tied up for months I found out and then when the fencing arrived it sat in their yard for months until they actually came and did the install for them. All Fencing & Repair tried to get our next door neighbor to sign off on ownership of the fence that they installed encroaching their property for two years and they refused to sign his letter due to a possible incumberance if they chose to sell their house. This was so All Fencing & Repair could avoid coming back to move the fence, so they eventually did move it and then for the second time did not refer to the survey and moved it only a few feet and it did not rectify the encroachment. They say they moved it twice already in complaint forms they have responded on other services on the Internet and that is also a lie, they only moved it once and did not remove at all the other 200 feet of encroachment on the back part of our property that is the drainage district property. My wife has tried very hard to get this company to come back to rectify the problem but with no response back, only a demand of getting another $3,000.00 from me in order to “fix” their mistakes that they are trying to blame my wife for who knows nothing about fence installation nor did she interfere in their install while on property. It seems to me this company is trying to “pass the buck” to the customer/consumer and they are fraudulently using the customer’s deposits for their own needs being personal or business purposes. I would not recommend this company to even build a dog house. I also feel that the installers/subcontractors are not legalized American citizens and did not know the English language and we noticed everytime they came to my house it was a different person and they were requesting bathroom usage and water from me and my wife. I felt very uncomfortable with this due to my age and unability to act quickly if harm was put upon myself and/or my wife. In the State of Florida crimes against Senior Citizens is an automatic felony if anyone reads this and did not know. People like me need to be protected from companies and services like this for any future business and I hope Angie’s List will provide my wife and myself with kind, respectful and professional services listed with them. thank god we can give and read reviews fist.

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