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Published: 09 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My wife and I received a quote from Jim Broadwater, from All Right Roofing, for him to replace our gutters. We decided to hire him, and on January 25, 2017, I signed a contract with him and gave him a check for $3,000, a 50% deposit for work and materials he needed to obtain. Jim specifically said he would report to begin work on the morning of Monday, January 30. Monday came and went, and Jim did not arrive at our house, nor did he call, email, or text me to let me know that he would not be able to make it. I called him to inquire as to why he not come to work, or at least call if he couldn’t make it, to at least drop off materials. He said he would be there the next day. Another entire week went by, and on February 6, I asked when Jim would be showing up to work, and he texted me saying, “Sorry should of called you yesterday [sic] ran out of material need to finish this job today if I have enough time might try bringing over ladders later today if not then in the morning apologise [sic] for not getting in touch” I replied, asking what time would he plan on reporting for work the next day, to which he replied, “8-9.” He did not show up for work. I called Jim several more times, over the course of the next week, as he had yet to report to work. This pattern of repeatedly failing to show up for work, after telling us he was coming continued. On another occasion when Jim said he would arrive and didn’t, we did speak on the phone, and I said to him, “Jim, if you don’t want the job, we can just cancel the contract, and you can give me my deposit back, no hard feelings,” to which he replied, “No, man. I’ll give you your money back in a New York minute, but I want the job. I’ll be there tomorrow.” On Feb 21, I again inquired as to Jim’s whereabouts, and Jim gave me yet another excuse about why he did not show up, and that he would definitely be at our house on Thursday. He again did not show up to our house. Several more times, I spoke with Jim on the phone, and/or texted him, and he told me he was on his way to our house, and would be here in one half hour. Every single time he told me he would be here, he did not show up. On several occasions, he replied that he would report to work between 9-10am. Despite having multiple days of sunshine, and temperatures in the 60s/70s, Jim continued to claim the weather was either bad, or it was “supposed to rain.” Or, most of the time, he simply would not say anything; he just wouldn’t show up. On Monday, March 6, at 0916, he told me he was on his way now and that he was picking up wood. He never showed up that day, despite his promises. It was at this point that I said enough was enough; I would like to terminate the contract. Since he had neither started any work, never dropped off any materials, or made any visible efforts other than dropping off his one personal ladder, he clearly had violated our contract, and I wanted my money back. He admitted he never showed up for work, and said he agreed to cancel the contract and return our money. He claimed he would be able to do this by the end of the week. On March 12, a mere 38 minutes before he was supposed to meet us with our money, Jim texted me, in almost incoherent English, ” Thought I would have all the money but it didn’t work out that way I do apologise I know what I owe you willing to work this out at $1,000 next Friday and $1,000 to [sic] Fridays after that 3 Frost [sic] 3 weeks thousand dollars a week if not you can go ahead and sue me it’ll just take me longer talk to you and not trying to be an a*s or a jerk you around” Sifting through his incoherent text (I’m still not sure what “Frost” was supposed to mean?) I gathered that he was telling me he wasn’t going to make our appointment yet again, and was buying himself almost another month to return our money, without asking, and told me if I didn’t like it, go ahead and sue him. I immediately called and texted Jim back, asking him to call me, so we could talk about this. I left multiple messages and texts, and told him that u201cwe can work out some kind of payment plan, but you really need to call me.u201d u201cGive me a reason to trust you,” I said. So far, he had given me none. I had no reply. I told him if I didn’t hear back from him, I would be taking legal action. I gave him yet another day, and nothing. My wife and filed a police report, and the officer tried numerous times to contact Jim, with no reply. Finally, that next Friday, Jim texted me, saying he could drop off “the money”. I asked him if it was the whole $3,000, but he never replied. I said we would be home until 5pm. No reply. 5pm came and went, so we had to leave. When we returned, we saw that Jim had shown up on our property while we were gone to take his personal ladder. I said, “I see you took your ladder… where is the check?” Jim had the nerve to text me back and say, “Yeah after you breached our contract I had to get my material so I can make money.” Of course, my wife and I in no way ever violated the contract we signed. He asked for a down payment to pay for materials, which we gave him right away. He cashed the check for $3,000, but never showed up for work a single day, despite our numerous efforts to coordinate with him. He admitted that many times. He violated that contract for almost two months, when he fed us lie after lie about him being on his way over to do the work we had already paid him to do.) Again, there was no material; it was simply his ladder. He clearly never used the $3,000 to purchase any materials for our job. Furthermore, I asked again, where is the check you were supposed to drop off; what does the ladder have to do with him not leaving the refund he clearly said he was coming over to drop off? (And if the ladder was so important for the other jobs we were clearly funding, then why didn’t he take the ladder before?) We filed a civil complaint with our magistrate, we both rearranged our work schedules for the court date (not an easy task with us having two jobs that require frequent travel, AND my wife being in the military) and for well over a month, Jim simply avoided being served by refusing his certified mail, and then when we paid an additional fee for a constable to track him down, he evaded the constable as well, so that he could not be officially u201cserved.u201d We are now seeking criminal action. I cannot believe that someone who runs a business would think it acceptable to take such a large sum of money for work, never show up for said work, steal the money, and then act as though we are the ones who have somehow wronged him! I am not sure what he has against us that we weren’t even worth a phone call to try to work something out. We have not only been robbed of our hard earned money, but we feel violated as well.

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