all state van lines relocation

all state van lines relocation

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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I contracted with All State Van lines relocation Inc. to transport home goods and a vehicle. both picked up on Sunday 8-31-2014. I prepared a list of items as was given to me by my daughter in North Carolina where items were located. I live in California. Based on what she provided, I gave same list to All State Van lines Judy Kelly1-800-741-6837 ext 221. She was clear in stateing the costs would not increase as they overstate the weight for each item. When pick up day came. My daughter was told there were more Items than what was told to them. I called Mrs Kelly and she stated it doesnt matter the number of items, it goes by weight. they should weigh items and let us know the next day. They never called me. I sent several emails and calls to get information on my shipment, ex. who was transporting it? what was adjustment to weight? Is there an additional costs? My job number 10760648-06 was assigned to Shanoya Hunter 954-958-2246 ext 269. I spoke to her prior to pick up and to settle dispute that company wanted $760.00 upfront prior to pick up. I complained that when set up Mrs Kelly told me the deposit was $1580.00 in whic was paid via Credit Card, but never said another deposit was required. and they were asking for cash. she later called and said it was ok, they worked it out so that no cash was needed up front. I would pay the difference of $1592.61 when furniture delivered. but never stated who I was to pay. four days after pick up still no change in price, still no return calls or response to email. I called to speak to Manager and was told they would call me back in 24 hrs. I never recieved a call. My account was given to Kelvin Abreu and they changed acct# to 10760648-06-A. spoke to him when I called to speak to manager. now all of a sudden hes my contact person. same issue never returned calls. would not respond to Emails. until three days prior to delivery and he stated quote “the reason we have not returned your calls because we got an estimate from moving company that put the costs of move more than twice the contracted amout approx $7000.000 and we knew this was wrong so My supervisor’s have been trying to fix the problem. we didnt want to tell you this large amount until we could fix the issue”. I told him there is no way my items could cost that much, or weigh over 4000 pounds, I advised him I have pictures, I emailed them to him and he said he will call back. I never heard from him again, I got call on 9-12-2018 from Cal Van Lines Inc 15934 S Figueroa St, Gardena Ca 90248 866-736-5723. telling me they were delivering items Saturday noon or Sunday noon and that $5200,00 will be needed in cash or cashiers check. I advised I talked to All State and they were working to correct price, I am not paying $5200.00 for items. I could replace most for $2000.00. he stated they never heard from All state and they were not aware of any price investigation. he called back on sunday 9-14-2018 saying same for deliver, I advised I will not pay $5200.00, I told him they over evaluated my items, I have pics, there is no way I have over 4000 pounds, tried to say more items, I reminded contract was based on weight, I advised I have copy of lists, and they counted on item three times, took things from other boxes and made more boxes and counted as additional items. I advised I will be filing a report. he stated would call me back but did not. its clear All State never investigagted, they just took my money $1580.00 and let it go, I feel as though I paid someone to steal my stuff. they never gave me any information on price change or shiping company until the company called me themselves. they ripped me off in money and my personal items.

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