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Published: 27 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We purchased a 2.5L engine from All Thing Auto Parts on 2-24-2016 online. It took close to two weeks to receive a engine. The first problem was that the engine that they sent was a 2.0L engine instead of a 2.5L like originally ordered. Noah tried telling our master mechanic that it was the right engine, of course our mechanic did his research and proved Noah wrong. The engine was significantly smaller then our original engine from the car. The engine code was different, the heads were different, and everything else was simply wrong. After many arguments with Noah, from All Things Auto Parts, we asked for a refund and told him to pick up his engine. He tried telling us he was going to take 20% for a restocking fee. Which we clearly refused to pay. The company sent the wrong engine, it had nothing to do with us. So there was no way we were agreeing to the company keeping our money for their mistake. | After the rude phone calls and threats from Noah, I called my bank. I told my bank exactly what was ordered, what was delivered, and all of the drama that happened along the way with Noah and his company. My bank then told me to file a credit card dispute, because All Things Auto Parts did not deliver what they charged our credit card for. The bank gave us a condition credit until they could figure the situation out. | The bank sent All Things Auto Parts the dispute. The company didn’t reply in a timely manner, and they also lied to our bank. They claimed that we received the right engine, and that we still had the engine. Both were false. They sent us the wrong engine. The receiving slip that was delivered with the engine to our shop even stated that the engine was a 2.0L, not a 2.5L like we ordered. The company picked up the engine on May 12, 2016. So we then sent a rebuttal to our credit card company with documents and proof that All Things Auto Parts was lying about everything. Unfortunately, by the time this happened we were out of the credit card dispute time frame. Our credit card company took back the conditional credit, told us that legally they could no longer do anything for us because of the credit card dispute deadline, and then they recommended that we file a small claim. We had the small claims hearing this week, All Things Auto Parts failed to show. | The judge ruled in our favor, because we had all the evidence to show that All Things Auto Parts sent us the wrong engine, didn’t refund us our money, and a shipping receipt proving that All Things Auto Parts had their engine picked up on May 12, 2016. So now they have 21 days to pay us, otherwise we have the right to wage garnishment, real estate lein, and a bank levy. We are in hopes that the company will just pay us before any of that happens. But who knows. Below is the email rebuttal that we sent to our credit card company, but because of the deadline they were unable to help us anymore. I have images of the wrong engine, the original receipt, both shipping labels(the original one brought to the shop with the wrong engine and the one showing it was picked up by All Things Auto Parts), and conversations between Noah and Dylan(and myself). I literally have everything start to finish in a paper trail proving that All Things Auto Parts fraudulently charged our credit card for a incorrect engine, did not refund us our money, and is in possession of their engine since May 12, 2016. | Dylan Roberts Sat 8/6/2016 12:02 AM Sent Items To: [email& 160;protected]; On March 23rd, 2016 Dylan emailed Anything Auto Parts, he sent them images proving that the engine we were sent was wrong. Dylan’s blown engine block was a B25. This means that the engine was a 2.5L. We purchased a 2.5L engine as stated on the electronic receipt from Anything Auto Parts on 2-24-2016. The engine they sent us was a 2.0L. The engine code on Anything Auto Parts motor was a Z20. This means that they sent the wrong engine entirely. In the email sent to Anything Auto Parts on March 23rd, John Permenter is trying to twist Dylan’s words around to make them fit his false story. Dylan simply was stating that the engine that he received was the wrong engine. He is explained that the dirty block and engine were the old, blown engine and the clean engine and block was the wrong engine sent by Anything Auto Parts. After that date, Noah refused to refund us, he did not have the correct engine that we ordered to start with, he also did not have a return policy or merchant cancelation policy. You can see on the receipt that no where on it does it state such policies. He also had the engine picked up before June when John asked for the reversal of the charge. | John also states we never told the company that we had received the wrong engine, which is a complete lie. Page 9 of 18, Noah, from Anything Auto Parts, sent John Kurl(?) A email on April 5th, 2016 that he states, “pictures of the wrong motor.” The email included pictures that show proof the motors where different and that the one they sent to us was a 2.0L instead of a 2.5L as ordered. I am sending the original invoice. On the line of parts purchased, it says 12 month warranty. This is the only policy and warranty stated by Anything Auto Parts. There are no return policies on the payment authorization. The receipt also shows that we ordered a 05 Subaru Legacy 2.5L engine. The engine they sent was a 2.0L. We did not order a 2.0L, we also did not authorize this company to charge us for a 2.0L engine. On the delivery form that Jerry Russell Auto Repair as provided, the description clearly states, “sub 2.” | This proves that Anything Auto Parts sent a 2 liter engine instead of a 2.5 liter engine that Dylan purchased and authorized them to charge his debit card for. Dylan did not authorize them to charge him for a 2 liter engine. On May 12, 2016 Anything Auto Parts had the wrong engine they sent to us picked up from the auto repair shop. We have provided images of what the replacement engine should have looked like(Dylan’s old engine), images of the wrong engine that Anything Auto Parts sent, a email from a third party(Jerry Russell Auto Repair) describing the engine that was received and how it was the incorrect one, and a packing slip showing that Anything Auto Parts did indeed pick there engine up on May 12, 2016.

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