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Published: 08 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Written to Mr. Jason Scott, Ben Hale, Mimi Garza, and then Jeff Wooley: I am replying to your email from yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to dig up my contact information. I purposely did not give my phone number for various reasons; none of which we really need to address now. And, if I may paraphrase Mark Twain, I apologize for the lengthy letter, I didnt have to time to write a shorter one I am responding out of courtesy to you and for disgust in my personal truck-buying experience with your dealership. I have previously received negative remarks about both your sales staff and service departmentsstill I chose to experience the opportunity for myself based on presumptions your Internet Sales Rep (Sky Wills) lead me to believe. I feel that it is best that I tell the story in more chronological order. Considering the overall impression is not positive, you should really understand my perspective. Approximately two weeks ago, I read in the Saturday paper that you were open Sunday. Therefore, my father-in-lawwhom is a retired GM employeeand I decided to take that opportunity to test drive the new Ram 1500 (Lone Star/Big Ram). I had done extensive research into this vehicle and wanted to truly understand the improvements made vs. GM products that I get at a heavy discount. Unfortunately, I roamed around the (New Truck) lot without a single hello or assistance from anyone for nearly 1.5 hours. I did witness two Salesmen helping a couple customers, but neither of them tried to rally anyone else to approach us. I was among four other potential customers and no one could even open a truck to see insidelet alone test drive one !! We all looked like cattle following around the feed truck trying to get some kind of attention. Even as aggravating as that was, I still included your dealership among the eight in the DFW-area for Internet Sales inquiries. I sent the exact same information to each dealership about the truck I was interested in, with must haves and wish list items.[1] I was upfront and honest about informing each that I was shopping in DFW, have family within the Chrysler/J/D/R line, and a father-in-law looking into GM products with a family discount. I have received many offers that all had honest numbers and some that really appreciated my candor. That is, until I received one from your Sales Rep, Mr. Sky Wills. Attached you will find the response he sent me this past Sunday afternoon. It states, I have the EXACT truck that you are looking for advertised right now for $21,990. You will REALLY like this one and I have several colors to choose from. What time can you come out so that I can ensure you get one of them? The last style we advertised sold out pretty quickly As you can imagine, I was amazed at this price. No one had come closeI checked. I called Mr. Wills and he confirmed that the price was correct. I even asked that he provide stock numbers, VIN numbers, or internet photos to see the vehicles relative to his ad price [2]. He insisted that everything online was the inventoryit included all the (Lone Star) packaged trucksI could simply look online. My insistence to see evidence was to prevent me from driving 45 minutes that day just to be misled about the ad price. Though he seemed slightly aggravated at my persistence, Mr. Wills still insisted that it was real. So I drove up there with my father-in-law and another family member to see for ourselves. Upon checking in, the front desk assistant said the Mr. Wills had a customer and directed me to another Internet Sales rep. He stated that he had an appointment on the way and offered to get another salesman. Since the Internet Sales Dept. was where I first began, I felt it was best to continue with them by waiting in the lot, and review my choices. After thirty minutes, finally a Sales rep Jimmy? happened to be returning a truck. He kindly approached and I explained the prices offered, my email request, the long (second) wait in your lot, and handing him paper forms of the emails to verify with Mr. Wills. After a 60 minutes back-and-forth, Jimmy was able to finally secure a test-drive of the Ram 1500 Sport model.[3] When we sat in his office and took down some information, I informed him that I still needed to see what vehicles Mr. Wills was quoting at $21,990. Then, out of nowhere, someone call a sales meeting and Jimmy leaves me alone in the office !! Also, I would like to mention that we were never offered anything in the form of refreshments, coffee, or vending machines. It felt more like a nursing home environment, than a customer friendly dealership. Nonetheless, after speaking briefly with you, Jimmy and Mr. Wills began processing me. This is the part that gets interesting. After Mr. Wills and I talk about the price and actually see a Ram 1500 Lone Star, he persists to sell me on the truck. I insisted on finding out where the price is coming from and all I kept getting was ad price and every available rebate under the roof. I knew exactly what that meant. So I asked if the price was going to change if I financed myself and if he would print or write down the rebates. I assured him that it would not leave his desk and that I just want to see what/where the final total will be. After back-and-forth for 30 minutes, he leaves and talks to someone (whom I presume is you).[4] He then returns and the first thing he says, If I drop my panties, are we gonna get f^%$ed today? Shocked, I struggled to find a response. I asked him to repeat the question. Then, I quickly responded, Are you insinuating that I am trying to low ball or remove things (bed liner)? He said no, that it meant are going to have a deal today? I responded that if this ($21,990) was my price, he would have a deal in 24 hours. I stated, I wanted to verify with State Farms rate, try to get better financing with another bank, and to check some things with my wife I would return the next day. But, I was not going to sign anything today. He asked if I thought I would get better than 4% and I said yes[5]. He didnt appear confident and said that your dealership works with all the banks and could get me approved that Sunday (if though banks are closed). I am sorry, but that is a sales pitch if there ever was one. So I asked him to pull up my email request and lets go over all my requested options, numbers, etc first. After we reviewed the details of what options I had to sacrifice for the existing trucks on the lot, and what may be available, he finally began to crunch the numbers. He asked me five questions ranging from, Are you a member of Farm Bureau to do you currently own a Chrysler product. After replying No to all five questions, he said my price was $28,995. Of course I was confused at why I was quoted $21,990 and I immediately questioned how it went up so high, and so fast. I knew the answer and he side-step by stating the price was for ALL the rebates, I didnt qualify for them ALL. I still then questioned his using of (fraternal) language earlier, the continued avoidance of my questions on the price, and the research I had done. I guess he took the bait, and responded, I had to tell you something to get you in here I know that in legal terms, this may not be a bait-and-switch. But from a consumer standpoint, it certainly is. Mr. Wills email never uses disclaimers, asterisks, or the like to give a broad-stroked offer. He continually avoided my questions until he realized my financing terms and dollars. And then, even when he admits that this was all a low-ball offer that had near-zero chance of fruition, he still doesnt take the opportunity to make a counter offer as I say I am leaving. His response, What do you want me to do? You dont qualify I thought I was pre-qualified when I brought my own financing? Hmm, guess, not. Apparently, you must qualify for a multitude of things to get a real price. As you can imagine, this has not been a pleasant experience. Overall, I have spent over 6.5 hours driving to and from your dealership, and ineffectively working with your staff. One thing that needs to be changed is the ability to see customers in the New Truck lots. Over 2 total hours wondering around is ridiculous and neither Jimmy, nor Mr. Wills could offer more than a shrug of shoulders as to why this occurs. In addition, I sincerely recommend that you provide full training to your sales reps/associates before they begin to sell anything. It is extremely discouraging to ask questions and not get a confident answernot Jimmys fault, but rather the dealership. It is probably a retail miracle that I am taking the time to respond. I do not know that you can really salvage the customer relationship as your response suggests. Although, I am certainly curious of your proposal and right now I prefer that communication remain as email. I anxiously await your response. [1] By means of email and/or information within the comments section of dealer websites [2] Mr. Wills repeatedly referred to ad price when I asked for the final number [3] Jimmy had no knowledge of the Ram 1500 to offer [4] Back-and-forth was Mr. Wills asking about my trade-in, dealer add-ons to be removed, etc. [5] To date, have gotten one response that was 1% less than State Farm.

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