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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I made the mistake of hiring Allstate Construction Inc of Fontana, CA after believing Richard’s explanations of why “License # 22637”, as printed on his letterhead contract, is not valid according to the CSLB. Richard stated that his licensing is “in-process” and that the CSLB is months backlogged in posting license information. I believed him and paid him over $200,000 to repair and “bring to code” a rental property. He’s very slick: he had me pay $2000 so he could get permits, then he had a licensed plumber acquire a permit, then dismissed the lic’d contractor. I noticed the box for Worker’s comp Ins was not checked and asked about this missing component. He lied, stating that “it’s in the system” and the box not being checked on the permit was “just an oversight” on the part of the city. Richard then had his unskilled, casual workers perform the work. He has no Worker’s Comp Insurance, while implying that his workers are covered. Who holds the liability? Not Richard or Allstate Construction Inc. Not the city issuing the permit. Take a guess. He required payment in advance, beginning with $150,000 to get started. After receiving most of the contracted amount, he found other problems which were not part of the original plan. First, he insisted that ALL the windows had to be replaced at an additional $16,000. I did not bite. Contracted work was occurring so I paid per the contracted schedule, fulfilling my end, and more $$ for work I did add: for 2 units, one was vacant, which had AC’s that needed replacing. Next he tried to get another $8,000+ to replace the sewer line; that it was “cracked.” He had replaced the incoming water main line about a month earlier. So I had an independent plumber camera the sewer while I watched. No damage requiring replacement of the sewer line was found. Supposed to be 6-8 weeks to complete, 4 months later we still had holes in walls of occupied units, plumbing leaks, an exterior access staircase improperly repaired, and the list goes on. One unit remained vacant 4 months after receiving replacement flooring and a countertop because it had no heat or a/c, 1 of 2 which Richard was paid additional money to replace. Neither units had HVAC replaced by Allstate Construction Inc or any of Richard’s lackeys. I paid more $$ to have new HVAC’s installed in those 2 units by lic’d companies. Replacement of a damaged exterior staircase was part of our contract. His stair “contractor” was not licensed either, and did not follow the Structural Engineer’s plans for the staircase, which I had to obtain at my expense, causing the stairs to be removed 3 times. Nearly everything Richard and his workers touched was worse than before we’d started. After 2 months of no progress on the A/C’s , I requested a refund from Richard of the $$ I’d paid him for the 2 HVAC’s, since that was not moving forward, and 1 unit was still vacant. He never pulled permit for this work either. Because HE CAN’T PULL PERMITS REQUIRING A VALID LICENSE!! Richard Gonzalez finally admitted that he is not a licensed contractor; because he has a felony conviction, he can not obtain a contractor’s license in CA! Allstate Construction Inc is not Incorporated, has no Worker’s Comp Ins, Bond or any legitimizing documentation beyond Fictitious Business Name filings in Fontana under his name and Jillian Palmer/Wetzel, his apparent girlfriend. I have since reported this to CSLB. The CSLB is currently working on their case and would be interested in further information from anyone who has dealt with Allstate Construction Inc and/or Richard Gonzalez of Fontana, CA. I rejected Richard’s “offer to refund” because he had agreed to refund the A/C $ months ago, but refused to repay me. Besides he would just be taking money from some other victim. I also filed a police report on Richard for fraudulent use of my credit card. Prior to making the above contract, he somehow obtained my cc info and made an unauthorized purchase, which I discovered months later. Suing Richard will only achieve a judgment I can’t collect. He makes sure he owns nothing. His “company” has no assets. His sub-contractors have threatened me saying Richard did not pay them as agreed. Maybe the D A will prosecute Richard for criminal activity, but all I can do is spread the word to try and keep others from paying the price I’ve paid. Richard has stated that he wants to obtain a Real Estate License. If there is a watchlist for such purpose, he belongs on it to protect the public from this person who will take anyone he can for everything he can get. He should be banned from all activity requiring ethics. Allstate Construction Inc continues to advertise on Thumbtack. Their “background check” means nothing per Thumbtack’s own Terms & Conditions. The most recent “review” is signed “Jillian W” who is likely Richard’s girlfriend, Jillian Wetzel. I am doing what I can to Spread the Word! To anyone considering hiring Allstate Construction Inc from Fontana, check with CSLB first. Hire a properly licensed company. Avoid emptying your bank account for a con artist. Verify BEFORE paying anything!

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