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Published: 25 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We purchased a puppy online and paid in full on Dec. 27th. At the time there was a phone number on thier website that I had texted and communicated about the purchase. After we purchased and paid in full the phone number was removed from website- should of been a clue that this was not a reputable breeder. She was only 4 weeks old so we knew we had to wait a few weeks before she could fly. After we paid for her in full and airfair of an additional $400.00 we did recieve emails from woman. She emaled us photos and sent us videos of the puppy we purchased. We fell in love with her, shared the photos and videos with our family and friends- very excited awaiting her arrival. Around the 8 week mark I contacted her through email becuase she no longer answered the phone number or responded to text. She only communicated through email at her leisure. I asked her when was she booking the flight. She responded she would book Sat. Jan 24th. we had a big snow storm a few days before this so I touched base with her and she said she was going to book the flights on Wens Jan. 28th for Sat Jan. 31 (today). On Thursday after still not hearing from her I emailed her asking about the flight info. She emailed me an airway bill and a contact number for petsafe. -She didn’t even include the date of the flight -that was it. So I called petsmart and asked about the flight. They said she book a flight flying form Las Vegas at 8:10am that was back tracking to LA, Califorina and would be there for about an hour and half and then wouldn’t arrive into NY until 7pm at night. I was immediately concerned with having an 8 week old puppy traveling for 12 hour span with no water, no food, and NO bathroom breaks. I asked if they had any shorter flights. They said they did but it was at 7:10am instead and flew into Newark, NJ. I emailed her asking if she could change flight to the shorter flight and we would be willing to drive 2 1/2 hours on Saturday to NJ airport so she could have a shorter flight. She responded that her and her whole family had the flu and she was paying a friend to take all the puppies to the airport and she didn’t want to bother her. I asked her if she could ask her if it would be ok to drop them off an hour earlier , I even offer to send a gift card to her friend for the change and asking her to go an hour earlier. She responded She didn’t think it was a problem , she texted her friend but she was at work and would get back to me. The next day Friday Jan 30th- she still didn’t respond. I finally recieved an email late afternoon as I was at work doing a ton of things. I read quick and it said “we are shipping her on Tues to NJ, we can not ship tomorrow”. I emailed her back quickly and was typing from my phone (always have tons of typos from tying too fast). After I got off of the phone call I was on with a customer. I read the emails and reaizled I accidently messaged her ” I can go to NJ on tues” INSTEAD of I can NOT go to NJ on Tues” So I panic and tried calling her-she didn’t answer-I left vm. I then texted her and she didn’t respond. I emailed her I cannot make it to NJ on Tuesday becuase we work and live on LI, NY. Mmy husband was going to drive to NJ to pickup but he is working during the week. I emailed her 3 times PLEASE CALL ME so we can scheduel the flight. I then tried to call her agin becuase I didn’t want her to book the flight she fowarded me to vm. She messaged me she couldn’t scheduel for what I thought she was saying for the 7:10am straight through flight (emails can be very confusing especially with alot of back and forth thats why I asked her repeatedly to call me) and I dont hear back from her until a couple of hours later “then I will refund you the money, I cant send her”, So i’m STILL thinking she is talking about the the 7:10am flight, so I respond ok please than just send her on the original 12 hour flight . Next my husband gets a refund notifcation and a message from her that she refunded us and when she gets a min shes going to relist the dog. And she did- she relisted her within mins-and she listed it for $800.00 more than what we paid her- so obviously she just wants more money and doesn’t care about sending the pups to good homes. Or their well being if she would rather send a 8 week old puppy on a 12 hour travel time becuase she rahter “just drop them all off at the same time”. At this point, me and my husband emailed her begging her not to do this and we couldn’t understand why she was doing this. I was thanking her the whole waiting period for sending photos and taking care of the dogs. We found a bad review on her on this site-look her up. (we found bad review a week before all this happened and weeks after we paid for the dog)- Looks like this is only the second litter they sold and they already have complaints. Read the other review it will describe the way they speak and treat people. I also look her up afterwards on the AKC breeder list and she not on there even though she claims she is- look her up she NOT a registered reccommened breeder. I emailed her repeativaly for hours asking her to not do this. We bought her a crate, toys, food and have been recieving photos of her for weeks from her – how can she do this??? Today she responded that becuase I couldn’t accept her on Tuesday when she wanted to send her and she felt that I was being demanding with the avaiblility of when and where I could pick her up at- that she though by refunding me and not sending a dog we have been waiting for 5 weeks for would be a better solution. She also responded to my husband ” your wife seems like the person that likes to get her way-thats why I’m not sending her- she was demanding that I send the dog” when he messaged her also begging her to to please send dog becuase he was up with me all night as I was litteraly in tears for hours becuase I was heart broken. Lets break this down, first of all I never demanded anything other than asking her to call me becuase the back and forth emails were confusing. 2- If you buy a dog on the internet, pay for it in full and wait 5 weeks for the dog and the owner refuses to contact you on phone-keeps pushing the flights- what would you think? Scam , right?? SO yeah, I was panicing asking her to call me about the flight! She never called me-any reputuable breeder would be available to speak on the phone with you-especailly when trying to scheduel a live animal on a flight. After many emails telling her we were so upset and we didn’t want the money we wanted the puppy we fell in love with- she said, stop it there are plenty of other breeders – go buy another dog-leave me alone. She also told me she has 6 other sites! including and that she purposely doesn’t put all her info on her site incase people get pissed off. I can’t for the life of me understand what would make someone think this is ok to do to someone. It’s devastaing. We waited 5 weeks and bought stuff for a puppy we will NEVER get. All becuase she is extermly unprofessional and very unethical. Every breeder I spoke to today all said the same thing when I told them the story- REPORT her -SHE IS NOT A GOOD BREEDER. Buying a puppy should be a happy experience- that’s why you go to breeders to avoid scams, heartaches and problems with bad service. Uunfortunately, we found a bad breeder-a dishonest and sadistic woman who gets off on having power over people. She knew there was nothing we could do and stated that. She basically tried to mental abused us in emails even after she tourtured us with not senfding the dog we waited for. We told her we found another breeder who is AKC registered she contuined to try and have some power trip in her own head and attempted to taunt us saying how cute her puppy is and she might just keep her becuase she is the cutest puppy shes ever seen and good luck find a puppy as cute as hers. LOL I thanked her for doing us a favor, becuase I much rather give my money to a REAL breeder that actually cared about the puppies. And I was glad at this point that we didn’t have to deal with her anymore. I also promised her I would do everything in my power to make sure she didn’t tourture someone with an experience like this again. She said she would sue me for slander if I wrote anything- I explained to her telling the truth is NOT slander. I have tons of emails (becuase thats the only way she communicates -shady) of her taunting us and her unprofessionalism and unethical way she handles this-If anyone should sue it will be us for breaking a contract of sale becuase you couldn’t take the time to work out a flight with us. We never asked for a refund- she only refunded becuase if you read the other ripoffscams she already has claims on paypal of disputes with her and she knew if she didn’t ship the dog and didn’t send us the dog we too would dispute and they would shut her down for too many disputes. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SITE!!!!!! They are clearly unperdictable and already have complaints on them- Don’t beleive me LOOK THEM UP. their website title speaks voulumes A LOT OF BULL ( Bull meaning alot of crap) They just ran a News report by us last night on ABC NEWS in NY about internet puppy scams specifically with English Bulldogs. DO YOUR RESEARCH you will find out all about it.

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