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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Me and my boyfriend moved into our first house (Apline Management) the beginning of February. After the snow started melting we started noticing major issues with the house. The issues I’m currently having is the basement has a foundation leak, which occurs when it rains outside, and the water furnace has water surrounding it this has caused for the basement to have mold, and it has a foul smell. When moving in we put 2 sofas and a television in the basement before we noticed the issues, so the sofas are pretty much destroyed now. The drain in the basement does not drain properly, the bathroom sink has a leak, the bathroom (tub) water does not stay hot for long, and was backed p for about 3 weeks, the base boards in the living room has huge gaps which causes for the house to be 40-50 degrees when its 70-75 degrees outside, this causes for my gas bill to be very expensive because I have to keep the heat on 70-75 to keep it warm in the house, on top of the basement being extremely cold, and one of the vents does not have heat coming out of it. The tub was backed up for about 2 -3 weeks. I called Alpine to report all of theses issues, however when I was explaining what was going on the rep kept talking over me and I was unable to tell her about the remaining issues. The contractor called me and put the job off for about 2-3 days because they were busy pumping out basements. They sub contractor finally came out about the mold and foundation leak, it took about 5 days for them to complete the basement. I’m not for sure if the mold is completely removed since the foundation leak hasn’t been fixed. They also rerouted my washer drain to the sewage pipe. (I believe they did this because they seen the backed up floor drain in the basement). I had to contact the subcontractor about giving me my house key back and when the guy dropped off the key he had a complete attitude. When it rained again a couple days later I noticed the leak was worse than before, so I called Apline she told me to contact the contractor back (I didn’t know this was my job), I did, he sent a young guy out to evaluate the basement and he stated that it looked like the basement walls were caving in, I agreed. He left and never came back. So I called Alpine back and they sent a different contractor out. I tried to show him the caving in walls but he kept looking for the water heater leak, which wasn’t the only issue. He told me that there was a hole in the wall where the water heater pipe coming from the outside. He patched it up w/ cement, and informed me to purchase bricks which doesn’t help the foundation leak issue at all, and the hole around the water heater pipe still leaks but not as bad as before. He told me to contact Alpine about the backed up drain in the basement and the tub. He never came back about the foundation leak. Alpine did send someone about the basement backed up drain and the tub. However the tub was the only drain cleared. I also called about seeing if I can have someone come out to see if the house is properly insulated, and the vent not working because it’s cold inside when it’s warm outside and my gas bill is extremely high for this small house the rep told me to call citizens gas, I did and they informed me that it’s not their responsibility to do that, to contact my landlord and I did. I’m still having this issue. Nothing has been fixed except the tub drain. I called Alpine and asked If I can be moved to another one of their homes, the rep stated that the issues that I’m having isn’t serious enough. I informed her of my complaint to the Attorney General, and the repair issues and she said maybe they should wait for the complaint to arrive in the mail to see all of the necessary repairs needed. I couldn’t believe it. I understand that the repairs needed for this home will take time to repair, Alpine has not took the initiative to properly repair this home. I feel like I’m stuck here, because I don’t want to break my lease but Alpine has violated their policy and guidelines, and keep in mind that I’ve paid rent on time, ahead of time since I became one of their tenants. They don’t even call to check to see if the job was done, or done properly, however after I complained to the Attorney General I did start receiving calls from Alpine. I can say one thing that I know what questions to ask when moving into a house. This has been a lesson well learned for me. .

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