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Altech Cars, LTD.

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Published: 21 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I recently bought a vehicle from the named dealer and had a number of things go awry during the transaction. 1st off I wasn’t offered the ability to test drive the vehicle as it was parked in their showroom in the corner behind many cars making it very inconvienent in order to get it out to get going. Anytime a deal seems like its going fast there is usually a good reason. No exception here. Once we negotiated it was more like a quick answer session and then immediately to signing off on the vehicle. After signoff the infamous auto warranty service is then offered. We probably spent more time combing over the auto warranty than the actual vehicle transaction itself. I asked the dealer if the company backing the warranty (PWI) was trustworthy and easy to work with in times of need. Of course, they talked them up big and I went ahead and fell for it. A 3 year bumper to bumper coverage plan at that. As soon as I left the dealership within 5 minutes the vehicle had a problem with it. When I accelerated the vehicle hesitated to move faster and vibrated widly. I explained the issue to the sales mgr. and of course he said that I bought the vehicle “as-is” but the warranty could help in about 30 days after coverage begins. I decided to go research the warranty company (PWI) in-depth later that evening (I made it home OK but the vehicle vibrated most of the way). Of course right here on Ripoff Scams there were complaints all over the place about them. So the next morning I call the dealership and PWI back to cancel. PWI of course says there is no refund policy. The dealership offers to give me back half the money I spent with the sales mgr. stating that the warranty company will be keeping the other half. A cancellation letter is drawn up and I sign-off on getting only HALF my money back under the belief from the dealership that PWI won’t be reimbursing them the other half back due to the loss of the contract. Low and behold I get a letter from PWI that my warranty coverage was canceled due to the dealer stating that NON-DELIVERY of the vehicle had occurred. I called to verify with the COO of PWI if there was any monies ever collected by the company in regards to my warranty agreement with them. He stated that no money had ever been collected by PWI due to the processing of the warranty agreement had never been fully completed before a cancellation had occurred. So, with that information in mind I call the dealership back and the sales mgr. states that the other half of my money is still in limbo and that they can’t refund the 2nd half of my money at this time and that the matter is closed to them. Of course now the situation will escalate much higher where the end result will probably be small claims court. I encourage anyone who deals with Altech Cars, LTD. and Preferred Warranties Inc. to be very careful in how they do business with both companies. You can look up PWI’s track record here on ripoff-report. The dealership mentioned is a small independent lot that makes a great deal of commission selling auto warranties and will stop at almost nothing in order to get you into or keep you in a warranty agreement.

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