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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Leanne Oli4

I booked a PINK HUMMER limo for my best friends hen’s do. We were to have a very up market hen do. We had come into London and had already been dropped to our first destination a lovely bar called Vertigo 42 close to Bank station by minibus (who was excellent). As a treat, we booked a PINK hummer limo for the 16 of us, because our friend especially loves pink and the theme of the night was pink!! At 6pm the driver phoned me to confirm the postcode. Regardless of the fact I had confirmed this on numerous occasions, I actually thought this was very positive and relaxed about the Limo. The limo was due to pick up at 7:30pm, rang me at 7:40, we left the bar only to find there was no limo waiting for us. We looked down the road and about 250 meters away was a GREY hummer limo. In heels I walked towards it to confirm the booking, making the other hens stay where they were. The driver refused to apologies for the difference in colour, refused to drive back to get the girls and was generally rather rude considering we didn’t get what we had booked. Further to this, I thought, it is probably not the drivers fault and paid him – WAHTA STUPID MISTAKE!!) After paying him, he played only radio in the limo, didn’t offer us any drinks and seemed surprised when i asked about the drinks 10mins into the ride, he then rudely said they were already there and to look for them! We had specifically asked whether we could be driven to see the Christmas lights via embankment before dropping us off at our restaurant reservation. He stopped numerous times throughout the trip in random places, which were neither on embankment or by christmas lights, in fact no where remotely scenic. At 8:20 he announced that we had arrived at our destination. When I said an hr wasn’t up, he said WE WERE late and it isn’t his fault. When I asked where exactly we were he said we were on the main road because he couldn’t fit the car down the right road. Again, in the situation we could see this was probably fair enough. However, once we walked down the road (16 girls of which 2 older ladies who have knee complaints! We walked the entire length of the road and didn’t find the restaurant. Eventually we got black 3 cabs to the restaurant. All 3 cab drivers confirmed that we had been dropped in Aldwych and no where near our restaurant!! Not to mind the fact that we now had paid in excess of 25 pounds to get to our destination which he should have dropped us at in the first place! I called AM2PM limos on saturday night to log a complaint. On the phone the guy was very very ride to myself and my friend, saying our only problem was the limo colour and that we should have just accepted it and there was never any guaranteed that you would get the right limo on the night anyway! I said we were upset about the limo colour but the driver could have pre-warned us when he spoke to me at 6pm! Also the fact the driver was SO SO SO rude. He didn’t collect in the right place and he certainly didn’t drop us off at the right place. The driver also made remarks when we asked him to take photos. Saying “I am not sure why you all need to take a photos, the idea is that one of you takes a photo and post it on facebook!” AGAIN, not really a comment I appreciate, after handing over quite so much money! The guy on the phone refused to believe that we were in cabs and wanted to speak to the cab driver. Not really appropriate either considering we were the ones who had been ripped off and the fact the cab driver was driving and not allowed to speak on the mobile phone!! My friend never got to see the Christmas lights in London, she never got her surprise pink limo and was insulted by the arrogance of this man.I will not give the company the satisfaction of saying the Limo ruined our hen night completely, but I will say it is an experience I will NEVER repeat and that for an hour of our girly night we were ripped off and made a fool off. Please do not ever book through this company because you will only be let down.I will be taking this matter further but would like to prewarn as many people as possible about this service. Apparently the company also work under the name EASY LIMO too. SO be careful of either of these companies.

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