Amazing Kids Daycare

Amazing Kids Daycare

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Published: 20 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I will make this very plain and simple. Amazing Kids Daycare in Fort Worth Texas ran by Natasha is a horrible place for both children and employees. This is coming from a mothet who children attended and I also worked there for a day. After workimg there one day I never returned and neither will my children! My children visited this new daycare a few times as a drop in solution. Things always seemed to be very unorganized but I didnt think much of it as I always returned to retrieve my children during their more chaotic times. Little did I know that unorganization and chaos was only the tip of the ice berg until I was hired! I was looking for a job when the owner offered me a job. I jumped at the opportunity to work with my own children and to get paid. Parents and employees beware! The position is paid under the table or for me not at all! I worked 6 hours and when I informed the owner I would not be returnong she refused to pay me anything! She said I had a discount for childcare initially when I was hired but somehow I earned nothing for working a full 6 hours! I received no training on my first day. I had no formal bqckground check or TB test ran.. I was thrown to work with 4 babies 2 of which were very sick! I was not briefed on feeding schedules or when their last diaper was changed. I doubt anyone knew anyway. There was no schedule for the babies just basically keep them quiet. Which was almost impossible to do with only 2 play pens a few dirty toys and a digusting dirty floor to crawl on. It was just SAD! The 2 sick babies were miserable. I only knew they were hungry by asking if they had bottles. Then the assistant director brougt a baby a bottle and strapped him in a carseat to drink it. She said we dont do this if state here! I was so shocked. The baby began to chock and she tilted the carseat forward with the baby still in it to make the milk come out his mouth then set it back down and gave him the bottle again These babies were neglected! Full diapers, dirty faces, and hungry tummies. I felt obligated to stay and care for them! The baby “room” was this small corner without a door right by the main bathroom with barely any room for the babies to crawl in an actual circle. I gave it my best shot without any guidiance. The very same night my very own infant became sick with the same symptoms as the other babies. I couldnt beliebe how only 6 hours in that place turned a very healthy baby into a VERY SICK girl. That was the last straw. I contacted the owner and told her I wouldnt be returning and told her my concerns which she blew off. When I asked her when I cpuld pick up my pay she refused to pay me! That really upset me but my main concern is the wellfare of those children. Parents really dont know whats happening there because when a parent walks in a show is put on BIG TIME! The older children are not learning. They are barely allowed to play. They spend most of the time watching movies over and over and being feed horrible processed food only cooked in a microwave! Please parents I know the cheaper price and smooth words of the owner is very tempting but DONT I repeat DO NOT send your children here!

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