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American Car Center Payment Scam

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Published: 08 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought a car from them in the month of July and still have been suffering. I had paid a down payment of $1,700. I took the car on loan and had to pee. 415 dollars a month As soon as I got it to my house after I use it for two days everything started falling off from the car breaking down. The windshield broke the wipers came off. The window is falling out. Gasket is leaking. Something or the other is broken when I call them to fix it because I had got it from them and they said that they would be fixing any problem that I would be facing with the car. So I called them to get it fixed to this. They replied that they would be charging and additional of $500 for the fixation. This was a fraud. This was a hidden charge that was not mention. They said that they would fix it. I did not know that they would be fixing it for a price that they did not mention. Now every month I have to pay four hundred and fifteen dollars. As well as I have to pay for any fixation that they have to make. And I have got the car fixed for times till now. Within these three months and this is just outrageous. Extremely poor quality of cars that they are providing As well as extremely poor service. The managers don’t want to listen. They are only interested in how much money I can pay. Everything comes down to the single fact that how much money I can pay. This was a complete scam. Next time I would be wise enough to choose a different provider than this and definitely even for fixing up my car. I would choose a different provider than them because I don’t want to face any more problems with my car. I wanted to be fixed once and for all. I would definitely not recommend this service to anybody rather. I would suggest staying away from them.

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