American Eagle Limousine & Party Bus

American Eagle Limousine & Party Bus

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hi, I would like to take a moment to mention some issues with the limo service on Saturday April 27, 2019. The sound and lights systems were absolutely defective, actually useless. Even though the driver tried to fix it and we also tried to make it work, it just didn’t work at all. | A party bus without music and lights is just a bus and the price we paid for this service really does not justify it. It was our wedding celebration and this service was supposed to accomplish that, and we were given merely transportation. | We feel we were charged an outrageous amount just for transportation in a very short route. | The positive part is that the driver is a gentleman: very kind, polite, friendly and honest. | Please let us know if you have any solution to the issue we have presented. I prefer to communicate with you instead of writing a negative review. We truly feel disappointed, and this service was the only negative event in our wedding day. The party factor was ruined and never present without music and lights to enjoy with our guests, most of them came from abroad. | Their response was to give us a $50 voucher to be used with them as if I would hire them again: | “… Our staff has checked the vehicle thoroughly and did find BLOWN FUSE . THERE WAS NO LOST TIME IN YOUR RENTAL TIMES WITHOUT STEREO AND LIGHTS . IT WAS DC TOUR AND PER YOUR DRIVER YOU STILL CONTINUED WITH YOUR TOUR AND MINUM TIME INSIDE THE BUS .The vehicle has since than been re-rented multiple times without any reported issues. However, As a gesture of goodwill we would like to extend to you a $50.00 voucher, which you can use towards your next rental with AMERICAN EAGLE LIMO . Please let us know if you will be accepting this so may further proceed.” | My response: | “I intend to be clear: A party bus without music and lights is just a regular bus, and there is no way in the world a simple bus service can cost that much. After spending more than $1300 for a simple ride from Arlington to the Lincoln Memorial and back I feel I was robbed and in case I wasn’t clear enough: you ruined our party experience, a party bus without music and lights is just a regular bus and you ruined that part of our wedding celebration, an event that happens once in a lifetime for us, an event we offered to our family and friends, and an event that became just a regular and disappointing ride. There is no way in the world a voucher for $50 to be used with you compensates the service you were supposed to provide that special day and you did not.” | In summary if they send a “Limo Party Bus” without music and lights it does not serve the purpose and acts as a regular bus. They admitted it didn’t work and still they were rude and privided the worst customer experience. I want the refund of the diference between what I paid: $1313.65 and a a regular bus (between) $500 -$550 according to their own prices. My wedding celebration was ruined, I cannot get that back, but I do want my money because they didn’t provide a working “Party Limo Bus”.

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