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Published: 14 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

ZacZack 571-291-4854 Supposed to deliver within 21 days from earliest delivery date listed which is 5/03/2018 MaiMain 844-239-8463 DerDerrick 9032 Robert told me 512 was extension then on 6/5 told me 9030 AarAAron 9031 SasSasha 618 ChChadd 571-223-6123 AE8104985 Set up job with Zack Stevens Tues 05/01/2018 Truck arrived at 3:00 and was loaded by 5:45. Listed 5/03 as earliest delivery date Load going to warehouse in Chicago until loaded for delivery Mon 5/7/2018 No word on delivery talked to Zack and he said he would check with dispatch and get back to me Wed 5/9/2018 Zack said I was schecduled on load to Ga, SC and NC but did not have a date He would keep in touch Fri 5/11/2018 Zack now told me I was on load to NC &Florida and would be delivered Sat 5/12 or Sunday 5/13 (Mothers Day) Sat 5/12/2018 Not on load he told me on Friday. He would check with dispatch and call me Monday. | Mon 5/14/2019 Left messages no call back Tue 5/15/2018 Left messages no call back Wed 5/16/2018 Left messages no call back Thur 5/17/2018 Robert in dispatch called. Crews due in Sunday 20th. Sheduling would be done Monday or Tue the latest and he would call with delivery date Tue 5/22/18 I called customer service. My belongings still in Chicago. Still waiting for crews to come in and would be called when mine was loaded Thur 5/24/18 Still no call from Robert. Talked to Sasha who went and talked to Robert in dispatch. Was told I was scheduled on a load with 4 others and Robert would call me in the afternoon. called back in at 3:30- Derrick told me I am still in the system as being called today. Friday 5/25/2018 Spoke with Derrick. Robert out of the office due to problem with driver. Robert would call me when he comes back in. | Sat 5/26/2018 Spoke with Matthew. was going to talk to the owner to get this cleared up and would call me back. No call back Sun 5/27/2018 Closed Mon 5/28/18 Mem day Sat on hold 3xs for half hour each Tue 5/29/2018 Sat on hold. Left messages at all numbers that I have. Called Chad explained what was going on. He told me to hold and he would talk to Robert. After 20 minutes on hold I hung up. Called 571-223-6123 which was sales. Was told it was not his job to help with my delivery Wed 5/30/18 Talked to Robert. Apologized for the run around I have been getting and asked if I would be available all next week for delivery. I told him yes any day. Said would be working on scheduling and would call me on Friday Friday 6/01/2018 Talked to Aaron Ext 9031. Still listed for call today by Robert. At 4:30 i called back and after 1/2 hour hung up | Sat 6/02/2018 Called and reached Steve in Reservations. As I was explaining the situation we got cut off. He said tomorrow is the deadline for delivery. Mon 6/4/2018 11am- talked to Sasha who told me no update in system. Was going to check with Robert in dispatch and call me back within 45 min. 12:20 left her a message as there was no call back 1:15pm Called and talked to Kate. She said she did not know where my stuff was. When I asked what she meant she said it could be on route or in the warehouse. I told her if it was on route it should show in the data base that it was on the way. She then said that it shows I am up for delivery but no date shows up. That was why Sasha didnt call me back. Told her that when they tell someone they are going to call they should call either way instead of not calling at all She said that she would get me an update and and call me back within 2 hours. | 4:25pm Called back and got Kate. Still not info said she was going to call me at 5. Tue 6/5/2018 9:39 Called and got Kate again. No update. Told her to go see Robert in dispatch like Derrick had done a few times. She told me she didnt know who Robert was. Told her he is in dispatch and should show up on her directory of employees. Told me he did not. I told her I was sick of the run around I have been getting and wanted a manager. She said she was alone in Cust Serv at this time. Told her I was sick of all the lies I have been getting. She told me she would call me back with an update when she got one. Told her she was a liar. 9:45 am Robert in dispatch called me. Said he could see Kate from where he was sitting and was upset that she said that. Truck I was scheduled on when came back in with an oil leak and was out for repair and should have an update on Friday. Told him I was sick of the bullshit and lies. | Told me he would call me Friday if he has an update. Asked that he call me either way as I would rather hear he has no update than nothing at all. He told me others who were on the load I was scheduled on are waiting also though I have waited the longest. He said that I am his priority. Told him to tell Kate that me calling her a liar was very accurate. My stuff is in Elmhurst Il in temperature controlled new warehouse. No dust and very clean. Owner bought it a year ago. Was told owners name is Kevin Parrish. (2nd name I have been given) Friday 6/08/18 No call from Robert. 12:40 talked to Sasha said she would have Robert call me . Slated for delivery but no driver has been assigned. Saturday 6/9/19 10:55 am Kate. The truck has been repaired and is waiting to be inspected. Asked to talk to Robert. She said he was out of the office. | Monday 6/11/2018 10:00 am Robert not in. Talked to Kate. Last note in file is waiting for inspection on the truck due to deliver my stuff. She said she will call me by 3pm either way whether she has an update or not. No call. 3:30 sat on hold for 25 min and hung up. 4pm left message for Zack Stevens Tue 6/12/2018 9:15 On hold 38 min hung up 10:57 Kate No update. Dealing with 100 people a day so that is why she didnt call me back. Told 40 actual days her that doesnt say much for their service if they are getting so many calls 27 days per AE Robert called me 6:30pm. Truck has been fixed. Should be loaded on Wednesday with all loads and be on the road on Thursday. Will call tomorrow with update. Did not know order of delivery route at this time. He called from his cell phone. | Wed 6/13/2018 No call Thur 6/14/2018 Left Robert message at extension 9030. Texted his cell phone asking for update Kate customer service. I have been assigned a driver and should be loaded today. Not schedule 42 actual days when will be on route. Told me to call later for update 29 days per AE Fri 6/15/2018 10:30 am Load is on route. First she said she would call driver and ask him to call me with ETA. Then said she could not and I could call back tomorrow for update. Said “The driver will call you an hour before he will be at your location or 20 min or when he is around the corner to let you know what time he will be there.” Then said again I should call tomorrow. I sent Roberts some texts to call me 12:15 Robert called to let me know they are on route with 2 loads in VA and then me. | Driver will call me 24-48 hours before delivery. 4:50pm Driver , Isaac, called. ETA is Sunday between 3pm and 8pm. Will call about an hour before. Sun 6/17/18 Fathers Day. My family was here to celebrate and wait for movers! They called at 7:15pm and got here right at 8:00pm. When done unloading and unpacking the the 2 boxes they packed Isaac said “Well that is it”. I had to ask him to reassemble my tv, lawn mower and patio table the movers who packed me up had taken apart. I did realize until after they left that they had put the lawn mower handle on backwards. They crammed my trash can with plastic and tape instead of taking it with them. I could not put my trash from inside to be picked up. A few items were | broken when I unpacked my stuff. The boxes were marked FRAGILE. | They had my stuff for 45 actual days ; 32 days not counting week ends and holidays. I had taken very little with me as I was not informed how long it would take for delivery. For that time I had some kitchen things I brought. A radio. 4 lawn chairs and a snack table for furniture. My sister and brother in law loaned me a single roll a way bed. I had traveled here with 2 cats and a dog. I had to pay to get my lawn cut as they had my mower. | As far as I am concerned I had terrible service. Customer service was bad. Kate was very rude at times. No one called back when they said they would. I would recommend not using this company unless you are in no rush for your belongings. I read a similar post on here from someone moving to Montana. |

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