American litigation services

American litigation services

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Published: 04 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

A Mr. Green left a message on my cell saying he was waiting to hear from my attorney. When I called back to speak to him a woman named( probably not her name) Madison Stewart informed me that a company called First Primary Funding ( a company I’ve never heard of ) was going to file criminal charges of sloiciting funds maliciously and theft by deception by 5 pm !! of course I was terrified, but I’ve never taken out a cash loan before on my paycheck or anything like that. so I asked if it was a collection agency and age said no that it was a finance company! She said that they couldn’t give me any information about what kind of finances I supposedly solicited from the company that it could only be told In paper work that would be submitted to my attorney. She knew the last 4 digits of my social my email address and the last 4 numbers of my old bank acct!!!! But where she screwed up was that she said they’d been unable to get me to respond – she didn’t know my mailing address only my physical address( which anyone can get on google) she told me that the paper work said the star of NJ versus me ( my first and last name) what she didn’t know is thT the star if NJ is well aware of my mailing address bc my drives license has my mailing address on it and I am a RN in the star of NJ – they know my address!! And I never fill out anything with my physical address and have never applied for any type of loan or credit card via internet which was where she said I supposedly solicited these funds! She was very convincing though still and i called my husband- he said right away it’s a scam- and tell that $&@! To call him!! Lol and that you’ll take your chances in court! I was suppose to call him and tell him I needed to give 507. And change ( which Madison told me that this was what the client would settle for instead of the $1100. And change I supposedly owed! When I called back I asked her for the name of the company she was working for which was American Litigation Services ( a fake legal service supposedly acting as legal representation for the fake company of First Primary Funding) I also asked her for the address od the company she gave me an address in Richmond VA – I looked via the internet for a website for this first primary funding company – none- every major company especially financial has a website these days or at least their name appear somewhere I the internet- nothing . i also looked via Internet in the white pages in Richmond VA for the American litigation services with address she gave me- no such company at that address – and I looked. via satellite on yahoo maps and there’s a building on that street and it prompted me to the address she gave me but there’s no americN litigation services practicing there – or anywhere else in Richmond VA!! These people are very convincing- and can know a lot of info about you already! Thanks to the internet there’s no privacy!! But it works both ways!! Always check out the name of any company before handing over any money- she almost had me – I was almost crying- I thought maybe I forgot about an old credit card- since I have had credit cards in collection before!! But they always send a certified letter if there’s to be any legality involved – and since she didn’t know my mailing address ( one thing SHE DIDNT know) that’s what raised the red flag – even my drivers license has it and like I said I am a RN in my state thers NO WAY my state doesn’t know my mailing address!! And she said that the paperwork in front of her said State of NJ VS ME – if it wasn’t for those things she might have got me- and for my husband too. Be careful everyone there are a lot of sharks in the water!! God Bless you all- and thank you for taking time to read my report!!i hope they get busted!!

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