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American Suzuki Motors Corporation

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Published: 07 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On May 19th, 2004, I took delivery of a new 2004 Suzuki Verona with 11 miles on it. A few hours delivery, it stalled, and stalled nearly every day. I usually did not know it stalled, since the radio and air conditioning fan were still running. I took it to Steve Castrucci Suzuki on Colerain Ave., the had it for three days, and “no problem found.” and it was returned to me. There were 2 other minor problems, rough cold start, and the digital climate control display malfunctioning, also, no problem found. (On the second visit, I had a DVD-Video of the climate control malfunctioning.) The vehicle continued to stall nearly every day. I searched the NHTSA database, and found numerous stalling complaints on this car. If you search the database there, you will see dozens of complaints for stalling. (I have it linked on my website below) In addition, when the IIHS crash tested the vehicle, the driver’s seat belt came unfastened, AND the airbag deployed improperly DUE TO REVERSED AIRBAG WIRES. There was a recall for both of these issues. I took the car back to the dealer for a second visit, and they must have called Suzuki and realized there was a problem with this car, and this visit they had the car for 42 days! They had other cars with the same problem! I made numerous calls to American Suzuki Motor Corporation, and was always promised a call back within 24 hours, I always made sure I was near the phone in case they called, they NEVER called me back. I told the dealer that my calls were not being returned, and he had the Cincinnati area Suzuki rep return my call, FINALLY. I politely informed him that this car met the requirement for a lemon, and asked for it to be repurchased under the Ohio lemon law. He told me that I would have to file a lemon law complaint, and that I would not need an attorney. I was NOT going to do it without an attorney, so I hired Ron Burdge ( On 31 August 2004, he sent a pre-suit request to Suzuki. Several weeks later, no response, do I registered the domain name and and began putting information on my website about the car, the company, and my dealings with Suzuki. Now, Suzuki agrees to repurchase my car, but NOT pay my attorney fees, (as required by Ohio law), and ONLY if I “voluntarily” remove my website, and never speak of Suzuki again on the internet in any way. They threatened to sue ME for my site if my attorney files a lemon case. I have all documents between attorneys on my website, The website and lemon issue are 2 separate issues. The lemon law does not include a clause that I cannot voice my dissatisfaction with Suzuki on the internet, or anywhere else. I did legal research and asked three separate attorneys about my site, and they actually viewed my site, and I am told it is LEGAL. I spoke with Paul Levy from Public Citizen ( in Washington D.C., and he has defended numerous cases that involve internet “gripe” sites, and they seemed very willing to take my case once Suzuki files. So, in the first 3 months of having the car, it was out of service for 45 days (lemon), and Suzuki wants to takes away my First Amendment rights, and will not pay my legal fees. Eric Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.

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