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AMERICAN Transmissions and Auto Repair

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Published: 01 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had been having some issues with the check engine light coming on in my car and periodically it would go out of gear while driving so I knew it needed to be checked out. I took it to my local neighborhood mechanic to check the codes it was pulling and it noted it was a transmission module controller code. My local mechanic does not do transmission work. So I called a local transmission company in Keller “American Transmission” and told them my | issue and also that I was needing the control module replaced. The man I spoke with was Mike Warters he said he was the office manager and he first off said who told you that needed a control module. I told him that was what the code was showing. He said that does not mean that’s what it is and for me to bring it in and they offer a free complete diagnostic check internally and externally to find out where the issue is. Ok that was great I | said I would bring it right down as soon as I dropped my daughter off at school. He said ok “darling” which was inappropriate I thought to myself but ok so I dropped it off around 8:45am Friday August 26th. I went in he said probably take a few hours as they run some complete diagnostics I said ok that is fine he had me fill out my name and number on his work order which I did not think anything about at the time I left my key and left. A few hours | later my husband said Mike had called him earlier that morning and said they needed to take the transmission apart to find out where the issue is and that it would be $571 to do that. My husband said he told Mike that he needed to contact me to see if that was something in our budget we could afford right now that we just wanted the diagnostics that was free in hopes of finding out what repair it needed. He said Mike said ok and a few hours | later when I had not heard back from Mike I called him. He said he had not had time to get the price list together but I would need a new transmission but he wasn’t sure yet of the repair parts price he was still trying to call around to get pricing on the parts he would call me back. Ok I waited another couple of hours still no call and I called again he said well I can’t get any used or rebuilt parts and the price I’m coming out with to repair it a | rebuilt would be $4500. I said we can’t afford that and I need to call my husband about this. My husband said that price sounded way off and he would call him to see where and what parts he was talking about to cost that much. My husband called Mike he said he doesn’t have the parts list written out yet on parts but tomorrow for him to come in and he would show him. My husband said ok he would be there first thing in the morning | on Saturday. He showed up and Mike took him in the shop and showed him my transmission all laid out on a table he showed him the parts he found damaged and suggested the whole rebuilt for the whole transmission Jeff asked is there a way to just replace or rebuild the control module and replace just the pressure switch and the valve body. He said not he would not recommend that because it may only last a week or a year not | guaranteed if you only fixed a few of the parts. So at this point Jeff went into the office with Mike and told him we would not be able to afford that right now unless they could work out some financing or a payment arrangement. He said sure that’s no problem we will work something out and let me get with the owner on Monday and get back to you. Monday comes and no call. I called again spoke to Mike he said he hasn’t talked to | the owner yet he has been out of town and now he is at a doctor’s appointment I’ll call you back when I hear from him. Another few hours go by no call from Mike so I call again. He said what’s the most you can pay we don’t like to do any financing. I told him we can put $100 down and pay $50 a week that’s all we can do. He said “that’s it” I said yes he said ok I’ll talk to the owner and call you back. Another couple hours pass and he said he | wants you to apply for Care Care One financing first I said we don’t want to open up any accounts and he said he wants to try all avenues before he agrees to let you finance it with him. Ok I told him we would not be approved but ok and he took Jeff’s information over the phone and it was declined like I said he said let me talk to the owner and see what he wants to do “I’ll call ya back” … Another hour goes by no call so I call again and | said we really need to get this resolved one way or another as I’m without a car now for 4 days he said can you do a $1000 down and $100 a week. I said no I told you we can only do $100 down and $50 a week.. He said let me talk to the owner and I’ll call ya back. He did not call me the rest of Monday. Tuesday morning I called him again he said the owner said $100 down a $100 week with an extra $2000 carry (finance charge) plus | we needed to get a lien on our truck in their name as collateral over the life of this finance would total their fix is $6300. I told him absolutely not we can’t afford that is there any way he can just replace the control module part which was $400 and the pressure switch which is a $20 part. He started getting loud and said “WE DON”T DO THAT” it won’t work it will blow up. I said well we can’t afford that repair. He said I’ve already ordered the | parts (repair kit) I said I never authorized you to do anything but diagnose the problem which was free you told me. Just have my car ready and I will come and get it. That’s when he started yelling and said I owe him $571 and he would put all my transmission in a box and put it in the backend of my car and I could have it towed. I said “WHAT”????? I never authorized $571 he said your husband did I immediately called my husband and he | said he told him he needed to discuss the financial with me. He NEVER mentioned anything to me about $571 to take my transmission apart My husband said he was ok with that part if we could afford it but Mike failed to mention that if they took my transmission apart that they could NOT put it back together UNLESS it was fixed by THEM or that it would not be in drivable condition like it was when I brought it in on Friday morning. I kept | saying I never authorized that and how can you give me my car back with my transmission in a box and it not even running. He said I can’t help you can’t afford to fix it and most people when they bring their car in they get it fixed. If I wanted a second opinion how would I even be able to do that he said I can give you the box with your transmission parts and you can take it wherever for another opinion after you pay me the $571. I lost it we went | back and forth him screaming at me and then he said I’m not talking to you anymore and hung up on me. Wednesday morning my husband called and said my wife needs to come get some of her things out of the car he said ok and I went up there with my daughter I went into the office and said I need a copy of the price list of the parts you said we would be needing. Mike said I haven’t had a chance to get that entered in the computer yet I’’ work on | that while you’re getting your stuff out. I went out to my car which was parked in the back unlocked I got all my personal items out and stopped back by the office for this list of the parts they were quoting for this rebuild and he said it’s going to take a while can I email it to you I said ok and gave him my email he said oh yeah that’s what on the work order and he pulled that out and I saw it was the paper I had written my name on when I | dropped it off on Friday with my phone number for his FREE diagnostic check. However, I saw where he had also written in a box $571 which was written in AFTER I signed that paper. I NEVER authorized that. I said I need a copy of that work order please that has my signature. He said we don’t give that out to any customers that’s our own personal papers I said I signed that paper and I should have a copy of what I signed because I know | that $571 was not there when I originally signed it and I never ok that charge. He started screaming and said your husband ok that charge. I said I just need a copy of that before you start entering all kinds of charges that I did not authorize. He said we do not give copies of the work order. He said you need to have your attorney contact me if you need any paperwork. I called my husband right there and put him on the phone telling him he | would not give me a copy of the work order with my signature on it and there is already a charge that I NEVER authorized of $571 he got on the phone with my husband and said” I don’t know who you are but you need to have this lady removed from the premises. This is a civil matter. He told my husband we do not provide copies of the work orders and she needs to leave. He hung up on my husband and said I’m not talking to you anymore | and walked away. I said where is the owner he said he is not here and he walked away. There was another customer who had come in the door who was witnessing this argument. I walked out and left. | My car should be returned to me in the same drivable condition I left it with them on Friday with no charge for the diagnostics. We should have been able to take the car if we chose to another location for a second opinion also we were not even able to do that as the car has been disassembled and he said could not be put back together with the original parts. We would have even been willing to pay the $571 to get the car back in drivable condition | like we left it but that was not an option and it was NEVER even mentioned that if the transmission was taken apart it could not be put back together like it was in the condition I left it with them. I feel this company is a SCAM they entrapped me into forcing me to have them rebuild my transmission. I looked for their ratings on the BBB and also found someone left a complaint of the EXACT same thing they did to them as they are doing to me now!! This place needs to be investigated!!!

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