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Published: 23 May 2022

Posted by: AlanHatesAWR

I have been paying for American Water Resource supplemental insurance for years now.  Never filed a claim until 5/20/22.  I have a sewer line that is cracked due to roots and clogged up my line.  Drain Doctor was called over the weekend since it was urgent.  I kept the receipt.  I called Friday, May 20 after remembering I pay for insurance.

First person I spoke to took my claim and provided a claim number.  She said a plumber will contact me within 3 hours and to call back if I don’t hear from the plumber.  I called back after 4 hours, and was put on hold off and on for 20 minutes.  Then the person told me that Damarra, the original rep I spoke to, had to call me back.  I asked if they had my information on file since I confirmed all my credentials, and in broken English, they replied Damarra had to call me.  Not demeaning accents and culture, but it’s difficult to understand.  I waited another 2 hours.  Spoke to another person with limited English proficiency and he said he had to transfer me to the Nashville location.  I said, “this is the same number I’ve called each time.”  He didn’t know how to respond and said he couldn’t help me.  I asked, “why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t help me before you verified my info, put me on hold for 5 minutes, then came back, reconfirmed my information, and then claimed you couldn’t help? “

Honestly, it was sketchy with all the transferring, put on holds, difficulty with clear communication by their phone operators, unable to help me directly, no call backs, etc….just kept making me more and more uneasy. It was why I was persistent with calling back over and over.

I got transferred to a lady who spoke perfect English, and within 2 sentences, she literally says, “So, unfortunately, I have to be the bad guy here and let you know that a broken sewer line is not covered under our coverage.”  I said, “It’s called the Sewer Line Protection.”  She said it’s for clogs only. I said, “it’s called the SLP……there’s more to protecting a sewer line than clogged toilet paper.”  She said it’s in the fine print.  I said “you don’t cover broken lines, yet on your website you cover the excavating, dirt backfill, equipment, reseeding grass, and permits, but you don’t fix lines?  What would you do with all those other services?”  She kept going silent looking for the right words.  I said, “this is a scam.”  She said, “it’s not a scam. “ I said, “my sewer line isn’t being protected for normal wear and tear as your website states.”

I said, “I just got a flier in the mail telling me I should sign up for in-home protection for my sewer and water lines.   You’re telling me it’s not for broken lines and leaks?”  She said it is for clogs.  I said, “For almost $20 a month, years and years can pass, you can make $480 in two years and all you cover is a clogged toilet?  So you can collect hundreds of dollars to send a guy out to plunge a toilet with a $50 service fee PER fixture?  That is a SCAM.”  She said, “well, some people might need it.”  I said, “no, the people that don’t know how to plunge a toilet could pay a plumber their $80 or $100 price for this one time situation?  You trick them. Insurance should be to cover large expenses.  When I signed up for this, and yall cover broken water lines, but not sewer lines, that’s a gotcha.  You must understand this is true.  You are trained to say all this, but just admit, it’s a scam.”

She got dead silent.

I told her to cancel my insurance.  When I told her that she was the 4th person I’ve talked with, and the other 3 continued on with the claim, what was that?!  She said “we have a lot of new people who are still learning.”  I said, “well play this recording for them because yall suck and have wasted a lot of my time and taken me for hundreds of dollars over 3 or 4 years. Your new people who write claims should at least know how to write a claim.”   She cancelled my service and I hung up.

I usually don’t fall victim to shit like this.  I thought I read everything correct when I signed up.  Shame on me for this one time, but shame on them for hiding behind their policies and prying on people using scare tactics and leading them to believe that when an expensive problem unexpectedly occurs, it won’t be covered and they could find themselves screwed out of all the monthly payments as well as the hefty bill the unexpected situation will bring.

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