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Americas Best Value Inn

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Published: 01 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Americas Best Value Inn, Oakhurst CA, does not provide cleaning for stay overs. According to a person called Mitch, who is at the front desk, and is an extremely deceptive and invidious individual, whatever mess you create you should clean it yourself. This freak should be working in a salt mine, not in a hotel that requires a mature, honest, and well balanced person. All hotels provide daily cleaning. Hotels that do not provide daily cleaning disclose this fact upfront. Americas Best Value does not disclose that they do not clean rooms daily; nor do they disclose that if guest complains about his room, he is denied all future lodging, and the sheriff is called and an incident report is done on the guest; nor do they disclose their tyrannical check-out policy. Tyrannical is a perfect description. None of this is disclosed by this crooked and very corrupt hotel. But it should be disclosed and the public should know how this grossly dishonest hotel operates. What kind of a business calls the sheriff on its customers? Do business owners who have sound judgment and operate with honesty and ethics want the sheriff around? Doesnu2019t it look bad for business? To call the sheriff where no criminal act has been committed and have him pound on hotel doors and harass and intimidate a paying customer is what crooks who engage in criminal practices do. This is the method of operation employed by Americas Best Value in Oakhurst CA. The worst thing any business can do is call the sheriff on any customer. But this crooked hotel does in-fact call the sheriff on anyone, at anytime, for any reason, and they do not disclose this fact. This very important fact about Americas Best Value in Oakhurst should be known by every hotel booking company and every website that submits reviews. Without knowing the truth about egregious acts of hotels against travelers, people cannot make an informed decision on whether they want to give their money to such a business. Does a person want to support such corruption with his and her money. There are health violations due to trash not being empty. The trash is always flowing over and there are always family members of the employees sitting in the lobby and hanging around. Children of the hotel maids sitting in the hallway while their parents are working. Each room has a statement that says: u201ccheck out by 11:00am (and rooms keys must be brought to front desk upon checking out letting us know everyone is out of the room) There are no ifs ands and buts about this (no exceptions of any kind are or will be made) It is hotel policy. If you do not check out by 11:00 your card will be charged. Charges to the card if all guests are not out of room by 11:00 and keys brought to front desk are as follows: If you are out between 11:01 – 11:31 you will be charged $25 fee If you are out between 11:32 – 12:00 you will be charged $50 fee If there are any damages done to the room or the room is ruined in any way a $150 fee will be charged.” This policy, which deliberately avoids warning about having the sheriff intimidate the guest, is proof enough of the hate and disdain that this Americas Best Value Inn has for people whose money support it. To use the sheriff without real criminal activity is an outrage and a violation of a person’s right to know beforehand how he and she will be treated by the tyrants who run and operate this criminal organization operating as a hotel. When people make a reservation for this hotel, they are not informed about any of these outrages commited by this hotel. It should be a legal requirement that hotels with these consumer hating policies, and policies that are meant to harm the consumer, must be disclosed before the consumer lets go of his and her money, which crooked hotels never refund.

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