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Published: 03 July 2019

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I already wrote report. I jason green financed a 2003 ford expedition from car mart out of altus. The first week, alternator went out. I had to put one in. The second week, a lady turned right in front of me without a signal light and i crushed into her, all witnesses left when cops came, so since hit from rear, i got the blame. The car mart didn’t make me get only liability cause they had their own insurance in which i signed up for. They impounded the ford expedition and i had to get in out. I had noone to take to carmart to fix so i called them and they said that they could pick it up and fix what the insurance said. So i went by and used my moms credit card and paid the 50 dollars required for the insurance to kick in. I stopped by carmart and one of the big guys standing outside said that they had sold it to the wrecker company , so when i finally got hold of someone, they were trying to charge me more for carrying it down there and said that they would have to put radiator in back even though the insurance said that they would have to put it on, plus whatever else is major wrong with it. but the other guy had said that they had sold to wrecker service. Then we got letter in mail and said that i was denied financing through carmart. The vehickle hadnt been put in my name yet, they dont even have my ssn and they are not going to let anyone finance a vehicle without full coverage unless they have insurance in which would cover their buts. Now they are trying to get me to make payments on something i dont even have. I have to go get another ride somewhere so i can get back and forth to work cause my mom and stepdad are taking me back and forth to work. I am paying child support on 3 and raising my little girl. My understanding is that they are suppose to fix my ride and i shouldn’t have to pay for something that i don’t have. They would contact me in anyway until a payment was due. I feel like the insurance that they carry on their customer paid them off and they sold my ride to a wrecker service and they want me to pay for something that i don’t have.My mom paid the downpayment of 325 plus a case of water was suppose to knock off 500. Plus inpoundment of ride and 50 for them to fix. They give me no information about the ride and expect me to keep paying for something that i don’t even have in my name. help me please car mart approved me jason c green for financing for ford expedition 2003 with only libility insurance required cause they had their own insurance to cover major parts and which i jason green signed up with, the first week the alternator went out and i jason green fixed, the second week a lady pulled out right in front of him and no signal and i jason green hit which couldn’t be avoided and of course i jason green got the blame for hitting in rear crushed front of expedition and they impounded. I had to pay to get out of impoundment and they said that they would pick it up and fix with their insurance so i paid 50 dollars which was required for their insurance to fix. I called them and went by finally caught a business man outside of carmart and he said they had sold to a wrecker service, i talked to them a few days later and they said that they were going to put radiator in back and make me fix and their insurance is suppose to fix plus they had sold it to the wrecker service, also sent letter in mail that i was no longer able to finance with them now they are wanting payments for ford expedition, so can they collect from insurance, sell the ride, tell him they can no longer finance, and expect me jason green to pay over 6000 dollars for a ride i don’t have, my mom and step dad is taking me back and forth to work 140 miles a day and i pay child support, and i still have no ride and they want payments, they are not going to allow someone to finance without full coverage if they didn’t have insurance to cover their buts, i have no money for a lawyer, so i need youlls help altus

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