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Published: 13 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

i placed an order with this company on the 10th day of july 2008. when i placed the order the salesperson told me i would receive my products within 12-14 business days. then the days went buy figured if they shipped that fast i would receive a tracking# fast also. so i called the company back and the receptionist answered the phone then the run around begain. she said that my products were not in there hands yet. call back in a couple of days and check the status of your order. when i originally placed the order the salesmen told me my products were available for immediate shipment. 2 10 thousand lbs. hoist and a tire machine and wheel balancer combo. total $5985.00 i paid check by phone for immediate shipping since they would not do c.o.d. that was also july 10, 2008. called back over and over again. same response no product yet started documenting everthing. sent email. no response call on the phone voicemail no response. message after message no response. same secnerio. monday august 4th 2008 my new small business is opening no equitment so i call again receptionist answers the phone no one other than her is available can not talk to the owner he is not in instantly to his voicemail. hang up call right back straight to hold. hang up call right back. receptionist answers phone i dont know what to tell you sir. all i can see is whats in the notes. tell her i’am filing a report with F.B.I and she says do what you have to do. so i did what i had to do and have filed report after report. tryed calling today the 9th day of august 2008 phone #’s disconected do some more research find another # is also disconnected. quite a scam mr. nees has going on. now my business is open and there are no hoist in my shop. all the money i had for this is tied up with this deal. stung bad at least the man could be honest and credit my money back. if you dont have the products why do you advertise them? at this point i’am pulling off the gloves and Iam not going to put this to bed untill michael nees is in prison where he belongs. i know how this works big family back groud in law enforcement. everbodys pushing for prosecution. I JUST WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED!!!!!! i’ve learned a big lesson from this research before you by anything. hope my lesson helps other people stay out of this mess. note to those of you in this perdicament if you would like to do something about this please file an IC-3 and follow the links to enter your evidence if enough people file we might be able to nail this yahoo to the wall!! i have brought this link to you please use it this is the link to the internet crime complaint center affliated with the F.B.I and the white collar crime center. please file Crazycootergab hartford, MichiganU.S.A.

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