Ameristar Financial Services - Ameristar Financial Company

Ameristar Financial Services - Ameristar Financial Company

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Ameristar put my 1994 chevy corrsica on my credit report. They did that because I questioned the amount I owed. I bought my car in Illions at a dealership called JD Byrider. After I moved to Califorina I was still making payments the company refused to send me any more printed recipets. So after three months of payments my mother suggested that I should call the corporate office. So I did, and was told that the person who I needed to talk to was’nt in and they would have him call me. But to no avail. I never had anyone return my calls. I only had three months till the car would be payed off. I stopped payments. As soon as I did that then my phone strated ringing off the hook! The person whom I was dealing with at JD Byrider who’s name was Ruben Ortiz told me that they would send me updated payment receipts. I never got them. And this Ameristar company I had never heard of them before, because when I got the car the finance company I was dealing with were called Greenwich Finance. So after having no help with trying to get my problem resolved, I just gave up. Then in 2003 I sent off for my credit report and there it was Ameristar Financial Services on my report. I was really p off . And to insult to injury there was a $7708 dollars and $3638 dollars written off what does that mean? I just don’t understand any of this. The original price of the car was over the blue book amount any way. And I feel that I paid off the car if they are saying I owe $7708 dollars I have receipts that will show that amount or more. I tried to talk to Ameristar but as of yet no one has called me. Maybe that’s good because reading what I’ve read so far scares me. I need some help in finding out how I can get some resolution to this problem. Because my car has been parked and not driven since this whole thing began! How can these people get away with this crap!! If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appericiated! I can’t stand these arrogant snobs. I just want to be able to keep my car and move on. I’m a single mom trying to take care of myself and my child. I’m disabled and unable to work now when I was working before. This is a big setback for me even if I wanted another car noones going to do it now. And the problems I’m having now would take for ever for me to explain in this type of forum. I just hope these people get whats coming to them because they’ve messed up a lot of peoples lives and their livelyhood! Bell Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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