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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

i first stepped on to andersons auto lot when i was out searching for a company to put a crank kit in my motor from a lightly spun bearing. the motor only had 3000 miles on it. i got water in the bottom end and spun a bearing. when i aproched ron anderson i specificly asked him if he could put in a crank and bearing kit. he said yes absolutely no problem bring in your car on monday. i brought my car in monday two days later his laborer pulled my motor out and tore it down.just like i told him there was a slightly spun bearing and no other that time and that time only he says to me i dont do that type of work now you need to go to my friends machine shop.i was deffinetly angry now that my car is in pieces all over the at this point he has done the bait and switch and lied to with no other choice i go to his machine shop where now the other guy tells me it will be another $3000.00 to fix my motor.if he doesnt have to buy additional now what should have only cost me $1200.00 shot up to $4000.00 of course i smelled a set up.and ron tells me there is no other choise. so not knowing the city and trusting that ron did every thing he could do to find another motor.(WITCH HE DIDNT) i took it upon my self to search for a motor. i found a brand new rebuilt block never installed for $1000.00 . and then to be sure it was done right i went to another machine shop to have the motor tore down and dissasymbled and put back togeather witch cost another $500.00. when i told rons auto this the guy got mad because i didnt go to his shop. and quote he said i garauntee your motor will not last because you did not go to our can you gaurantee a motor will go bad unless you make it go bad.this block was checked out and given a perficted bill of health.this car was a classic 1969 firebird with new paint and being restored. the mechanic went out of his way to damage new chrome parts.he burned up a $200.00 starter and didnt replace it.he dented and scratched my new paint job that was one week old when i took them my car.the after i brought them the new block they took one month putting it back starrted knocking right at start up.he pushed me out of there and told me to drive it instead of saying some things wrong you need to have it checked out. of course he knew what was wrong. in 100 miles the motor was completely destroyed.i spent a total of over $3500.00 and what did they do they laughed at me and threatend me and told lies about me.5 star engines that is reputeable said he would of put in a crank kit for me for $1200.00 and garunteed it.they told me it apeard to him that some one took out one of my pistons on the motor and took off the push rod and honed out the end that goes on the piston pin and put it back togeather so it would be garunteed to come apart just like they threatend me.ron anderson at andersons auto took my money threatend me and ripped me off.

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