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Anderson Mazda ; Anderson Auto Group

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Published: 14 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

First let me start by stating that I am an ASE certified automotive technician of 10 years that operates his very own NAPA Auto Care Center. I’ve been working on autos for over 20 years. I live 400 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska and was travelling to a business convention in Kansas. Outside of Lincoln, the timing belt of my Mazda MPV broke. I knew that is what had happened…I just knew. I was towed to Anderson Mazda and greeted by a friendly service writer. You may be asking why I had it towed somewhere when I could have fixed it myself?!! I had a business convention to attend, I did NOT have all my tools, manuals, etc., and I would have been doing this at a motel with no transportation to the parts store. Anyway, I rented a car from them to go to the convention which was very informative to my Hydra-Bed dealership that I own. I returned to drop off the rental and drive my MPV home. All was fine on the way home. A few months later, knocking noises started to happen under the hood. Well, being busy that I am, I didn’t look into it very seriously….but I knew it wasn’t serious engine damage happening. It sounded like a “plastic” knocking noise. I contacted the dealership about the problem and they advised that it may not be too serious…..but they wouldn’t know without looking at it. Being an auto tech myself, I understood where they were coming from. However, the main reason why I called them was to find out if this noise was something that they’ve run into before on an MPV…and they said,”No”. One day…my van dies. I leave it set for about 2 weeks before I can find time to work on my “own” car. I immediately found my knocking noise. The plastic timing belt cover was installed improperly causing it to contact the harmonic dampner. It therefore rubbed a hole into it. At this time, I fetched my digital camera. I documented, via photos, the entire disassembly. The old “cogs” from the stripped timing belt had not been cleaned out. So now I have a timing cover with a hole and it is now obivious that the tech didn’t care enough to clean away the old cogs before installing the new belt. This shows his sloppiness. Then comes the “kicker”. I found the tensioner(the part that holds the timing belt tight) to be loose. I thought that maybe it was worn out and needed to be replaced. By this time, I am calling the dealership and asking what they might do to help me about my timing cover that has a hole and inform them of the tech’s sloppy job. The assistant service manager told me that he would have to talk to the service manager. I waited 2 weeks and heard nothing. I called and could not get a hold of the manager or his assistant. After calling the same service adviser 4 times in the course of a week and asking politely to talk to either the manager/assistant manager…I was getting upset. On the fourth time, I asked her that if I was going to have to come down there and talk to them personally. That night after getting home, an email awaited me from the assistant manager stating that they could not help me. That sort pissed my off. Remember the “kicker” part??!!! Here it is…. After the email, I figure….guess I have to fix/pay for it myself(All I wanted was them to pay for the timing cover with a hole in it). So I continue to disassemble it to clean it up(something the tech HADN’T done)…and there it was!!!!! The tensioner was “looking funny”. I still had the camera so I started taking pictures. By this time, my employees(also auto techs) began to gather around. Come to find out, the tensioner was broke. But that’s not all…..the tech HAD to have KNOWN it was broke because the pin that was broke was installed UPSIDE down!!!! There is no way that the pin could break, come out of the housing, turn 180 degrees, and reinstall itself back into the housing. All the while it was holding a belt tight for the little time that it worked to get me home and drive around for several months. By the way, did I mention that this timing belt job had lasted not quite 20,000 miles. The original belt that broke outside of Lincoln had lasted for over 100,000 miles. By now….I am PISSED. Now I want my money back AND I want the damages paid for….including my labor for doing it right the SECOND time. I wrote to the BBB of Nebraska and complained. They are a member of the BBB, by the way. At first, I thought things were going to work out. NOT!!!!!!!! I haven’t heard from the BBB for over 6 months and when I went to their website and checked on Anderson’s record…it states that ALL matters have been resolved.???? And get this…They said that within the last 36 months, they have had 26 complaints filed against them….and then they said that is normal “for this type of business”.?!!!???!!!! WHAT???!!! NOT normal for MY business!!! I work on cars, too!!! That would be devastating for my business!!!!! When Anderson “wrote” in response to my complaint, they let some chic whom I’ve never dealt with try to make me look like an incompetent idiot. I really like what they said about the tensioner….they ignored the fact that I specifically stated the pin was broke and installed upside down INSIDE of the tensioner housing. They said that ” it is physically impossible to install the tensioner upside…….we’d be glad to show you in our manual if need be.” I didn’t say the tensioner was upside down….the tensioner PIN!!! I was much more detailed with my complaint that I wrote to the BBB than I am in here. But I want to get the word out….and if this goes farther…I’ll be glad to get more detailed. And I STILL have the parts and photos for proof!!! I hope that they see this and wake up…..26 complaints in 36 months??????!!!!HELLO!!!! The dealer owner needs to make some management changes!!! Brian Bridgeport, NebraskaU.S.A.

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