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Published: 01 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A little more than a year and a half ago I was about to purchase a co-op and was about to close on the property. I mentioned this to a friend of mine named Monica Mitchell and she asked why I would purchase a house when I could purchase a house and have tenats pay my mortgage. I told her my credit wasn’t good enough to get a house. She said not to worry and that she could get someone to co-sign for me thorgh her company Andiamo Enterprises Inc. and I could get a house with no money down. A few days later. she came by and got me. We went and looked at a few vacant properties. A few days after we began the paperwork. Finally we were at the closing. After signing she said that there was some problem because the house I wanted needed some repair and also needed a down payment. Soon, this closing (house) wasn’t mine; it was for the other person who signed with me, Dennis. She said she did it this way so she could get the $12,500 down payment for my property. But as soon as I got my house, she would take the name off the first house. So here I was with a check for $12,500. So here we are at the second closing. She said she got some good news that my house didn’t need down pament agaiin. But she’s going to get me anotehr $10,000 so I can do repairs. Closing was finished. At the end of all this I find out that the place is occupied by a couple with kids, so now I have two checks for $12,500 and $10,000 and still no house. For days I call Andiamo Enterprises and there’s still no answer. There was another real estate guy involved, Doug, so I called him and he said, “Didn’t she tell you, I’m still looking at your house.” I had no idea which house he was talking about. Then Monica calls finally and says she has a house but that I need to come up with $25,000 which is no problem because I still have both checks. So I cashed those and made up the difference from savings. I was told that I could not get in for two months becuase that was the time necessary to evict the tenants. Then I heard nothing for a long time. After that, they all kept giving me the runaround and I never heard from them again. It got worse. The unlawful detaner case was never filed byt the tenants ended up suing ME. I spend almost the whole last year in court because the tenants who live at the property claim there is no way to get heat and hot water. I explained my situation to the judge and to the lawyer for the City. Ironically, the lawyer for the City claimed that he was aware of Andiamo Enterprises and its owner Monica and that there was nothing they could do criminally because it was a “civil matter”. He advised I get money for an attorney but I have no more money. Now its June 2014 and the court cases started again. I cannot spend this year again missing work going to court for properties I am just a co-signer on. And no one has paid me any rent money for all of the repairs though they claim they are paying Andiamo which never shows up. What do I do now? Thoughts of suicide keep flashing through my mind. But I am a single parent and my daughter needs me. .

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