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Published: 25 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I recently had a one-on-one session with Andrew Bartzis, who claims to be a Galactic Historian, and the only one that can read the Akashic record. When I signed up for the one-on-one session I was a little surprised Andrew required to be paid by a u2018giftu2019 through Paypal, but after the reading I realized this was so there can be no challenging his service, or asking for a refund. The session began with Andrew Bartzis unable to tell me anything about the Akashic record, so he started asking questions to try and u2018readu2019 me. Itu2019s a trick used by con artists all the time. I was surprised why someone who claimed to possess the ability to read the Akashic record would need to resort to these tactics, but as the reading went on I realized the truth behind Andrewu2019s words and abilities. He has no more ability to understand this life than you or I. After listening to my answers Andrew tried to guess the highest probable outcome. Unfortunately for Andrew, he didnu2019t get anything correct, with virtually everything he claimed to see being the opposite of the truth. It was hard to even respond when I realized he was just guessing and doing a poor job of that. After he realized he was getting nowhere and he still had to fulfill the 1-hour session I paid for he changed gears and began telling me how I should start up a business like he did, so I could, u201cMake more money than I ever imaginedu201d. That may be the only honest thing he told me, as it revealed his true character. I had zero interest in his business ideas, but he continued on, trying to burn more time off the clock, clearly at a loss regarding what to do. Then he sent me a couple very long u2018writingsu2019 to read aloud, so he could tap into me, but again, he was blind to the truth and started guessing again just to burn time. Then, he went back to telling me how I should start up a business like he did. What surprised me the most was how he failed to pick up on the significant aspects of my life. Surely, these should have been easily apparent to someone who possesses the ability to read the Akashic record or someone that is good at reading others, but they werenu2019t to Andrew. Andrew told me an issue I was dealing with was caused by a hip injury Iu2019d had, even though I informed him that was no longer a problem, but he insisted it still was. Two weeks later I discovered the issue was actually caused by a tooth infection, and cleared up after I had that repaired. The hip injury, which Andrew claimed was still unresolved, hasnu2019t been an issue, just like I told him. Originally, I planned on simply taking the loss, chocking it up to my own gullibility, but after contemplating the situation and some of the words Iu2019ve heard Andrew proclaim I realized that the greatest resolution to this situation was to speak the truth, in hopes of providing a service to others so they donu2019t fall prey to this type of swindle. I realize everyone has to make a living, and I harbor no ill will towards Andrew, but itu2019s sad state of age when someone uses claims of possessing a divine gift to fleece money from others. Iu2019m writing this to expose the truth and help save others from con artists like Andrew Bartzis who prey on the hopes of people seeking answers. So, for anyone contemplating spending money with Andrew Bartzis or anyone else who claims to know the truth, try looking within first, as youu2019re just as likely to find the truth on your own. Save your money for something truly worthwhile.

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