Andy White Anthropology

Andy White Anthropology

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Published: 05 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Work at 38FA608 Broad River Archaeological Field School South Carolina Heritage Trust Associate Dirt Dance Floor Bedtime Beasts Fraudulent Archaeology Wall of Shame After Bird 7 Attachment 64 Passenger Afterburner 44 Dark Horse 52 Pinwheel Afterburner 42 Beauty Afterburner 30 Rocket Queen Afterburner 37 Renaissance Machine AFterburner 36 Andy White Archaeology raising money over the Internet for fake and made up lawsuits and legal troubles | GoFundMe Fake Sympathy and Support Campaign | Andy White, who is a University Anthropologist, created multiple crowdfunding campaigns to ask for funds for ongoing legal issues and lawsuits. His explanation was “This is a fund to offset legal costs to defend active and ongoing attacks against his blog and the various websites I have used to investigate, expose, explain, and criticize pseudo-archaeological claims. ” Problem is now we all find out there never were any lawsuits. Not a single one. Several of us supporting the anthropological and archaeological community have contributed at least two times ( and for some maybe more times) well over $2000 to support what he wrote was an injustice against anthropology. | He would not really give any real details and when asked he would never show the actual lawsuits. After asking Andy to show the lawsuits he never posted up the lawsuits, nor gave any real details. After further checking by several of us, we find there are no lawsuits. No one has sued him – it was all a false claim by Andy and a scam to ask for money from people who read his blog. | Now we wonder about the integrity of his blog. It made me first and then others I befriended in his blog, search for criminal records under his name and we were flabbergasted at the results that popped up with the same name. Is this not just like faking cancer and asking for support and money? How can an associate professor at a major University be online asking for monies and support for a non-existent lawsuit? | It seems he has been doing this scam for money a couple of times a year for several years now. That seems to be why his web site blog just popped up all of a sudden out of nowhere and produced such scandalous headlines to get readers. To me this saying “help me I am in legal trouble” is just like saying “help me I have cancer or medical bills I cannot pay and going to lose my home” but having it all be fake and totally not true and made up. How is it legal to raise money this way over the internet? | If you go back and look at the funds he has asked for at gofundme, you find by searching back, he does take the money but ends up using it for something else. No lawsuit, he just buys things he wants. He actually admits as much on his blog months later, buried deep in his blog comments (not even in open post) he really was not sued and he chose to use the money for other things. | What is even more interesting is about the time of him raising money, he pops up with a new website for sculptures he supposedly made and it seems like he has taken the monies from his “help me I am sued” scam and buying materials and making sculptures and now trying to sell his sculptures for thousands? How is this okay? | How can he claim he was being sued and in legal trouble and asking people for help – and us believing him – when there really was no lawsuit and then it seems like he all of a sudden started making sculptures and trying to sell them for thousands. How could he use people’s money that way? How is this legal? How can he claim he is being sued and needs money when he cannot verify that he has been sued and none show up or can be found? Isn’t this illegal in some way? How can he hold himself out as a professor at a major university but yet claim he is being sued for his work? | Several people on his blog have asked him in his comments section to answer for this and why this is ok, and all he does is delete the requests in the comments and/or just totally ignores them. | I suspected he was not of good character when all he did was deride others and play the victim, but now it really seems, in my opinion, it was all to make people feel bad for him and to send him money thinking he was in a bunch of lawsuits. I don’t even have as nice of a house as he does, so why is he asking for money in this fraudulent way? Now looking back, it just looks like something he dreamed up a few years ago, got people to follow and then used their sympathy to get a bunch of money so he could go into the art business. | $2000 is quite a chunk of change and I think everyone should get their money back. He has done this more than once. It is a pattern over and over. Be warned of his gofundme efforts getting people to just hand over their hard-earned money to him. It is not real and is a fraudulent scam.

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