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Anita Steinbergh DO

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Published: 25 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Anita Steinbergh DO sits on the Ohio Medical Board where she misdiagnoses women MDs with ‘unknown mental disorder’ without blood work, consultation, bone density, or even treatment for fractures that caused by a metabolic bone problem. According to Anita, fractures need a new right Ohio psychiatrist. Everything is ‘psychiatric’ to her – wrist fractures, bone pain, thyroid. The reason that the woman MD was concerned about her wrist fractures was that she also played the harp (the pedal harp), and she had to do laundry, cooking, go to the bathroom, and comb her hair – wrists do a lot of things besides swell to excrescence. Psychiatric diagnoses do not cause fractures – you don’t break your wrist or shoulder with no stress because you have an ‘unknown mental disorder.’ Dr. Steinbergh thinks that mental disorders are fractures, that bone pain is exaggerated, that bone density testing does not matter. Women MDs don’t need blood work, or workups. Dr. Steinbergh will assess, without office visit, patient history, or labs, that the woman MD -who objected to wrong care – has an ‘unknown mental disorder.’ Which is what besides fraud – another diagnosis that does not exist, and means that she is practicing without the appropriate safeguards, procedures or sense. That she invents her medicine when it suits her. Dr. Steinbergh allows that Board experts cheat on testing, diagnoses – the Medical Board can cheat, it’s just about winning a case – the notches on her chair. She diagnoses a woman MD by her objection to wrong care – you are supposed to ‘accept’ bad care in Ohio, and not mention mistakes so that they get done on more patients. One woman MD just objected to admittedly ‘bad care’ – care that the Medical Board & Dr. Steinbergh described as ‘boys being boys.’ Dr. Steinbergh took the woman MD’s license, not the orthopedic’s, and told her to refer to the orthopedic that did the admittedly ‘bad care’ – for some sick reason of putting a victim back with a tormentor. She likes salacious gossip, sexual innuendo, and to know the lewd details – because the one woman MD did not have problems with patients, just colleagues who were in the words of the hospital psychologist ‘pathologic’ and ‘neurotic’ – colleagues who were married and talking about their sexual needs during patient office visits for fractures. Sexual joking on the hospital wards or in the locker rooms – or in medical student/residency training – is one thing. Being sick in an office where they are talking about explicit ‘sex’ is nauseating, humiliating, and wrong. There is a time for a sex joke, and a time for compassion – she doesn’t know the difference but has Governor Kasich on speed-dial. Dr. Steinbergh gives out the ‘confidential’ physician complaints to her friends, and withholds the ‘confidential’ complaints against women MDs – so the guys can straighten out their problems at the Medical Board but the women can’t. You can’t resolve anything when you don’t know what the physician complaint is/was – but she doesn’t get this fact. One woman MD has not been able to get the ‘confidential’ complaint against her in 20 years, her complaint was given to the orthopedic so that he could write this ‘confidential’ complaint – the case was encouraged, promoted, and the ‘boys’ given all the information to write a ‘confidential’ complaint that Anita Steinbergh would make sure would never see daylight – the case is totally unjust, without discovery after 20 years. There are different rules for women vs men with Dr. Steinbergh – the guys get their complaint – confidential or not. When asked about one of these cases where the male physician got the ‘confidential’ complaint that the woman MD had filed to get her medical records (not a real case at the Board, just a nuisance problem), Dr. Steinbergh just said ‘so what’ – not her problem. State law doesn’t matter – and she’s never questioned about this abuse, or the special favors. Unknown mental disorder isn’t a diagnosis – but it will destroy any sane woman MD’s life, career, family or health, and possibly lead to suicide – she ruined at least one potential marriage for a woman MD this way – a woman MD who practiced better than average Internal Medicine for Ohio, a woman who had paid her dues except sexually. Dr. Steinbergh won’t wait for the Cleveland Clinic, or Mayo Clinic (she makes fun of Mayo Clinic), to consult – she knows better. As a Family Practitioner, Cleveland Clinic would mandate that for a complicated thyroid problem, she would have to consult one of the endocrinologists – but she sits on the Medical Board & makes her own rules. She diagnoses what she wants, and she likes to hear about women MD’s sex lives – why they don’t like certain men – hours and hours of it. Dr. Steinbergh can’t tell you what Hashimoto’s is (that it is a thyroiditis), how to diagnose gyn-ovarian problems, or how to handle screwy male MD colleagues – she doesn’t get the harassment that the younger women MDs experience. Dr. Steinbergh can’t mentor a younger woman physician, she just takes their medical license if they have ‘problems with men.’ She takes the licenses of women MDs with no patient complaints – like another woman Medical Board President was doing in Texas. She’s neighbors with Governor Kasich – so she got re-appointed for a 6th 5-year term on the Medical Board this year (2014). Until she is 75, we will be putting up with Anita Steinbergh on the Medical Board. Governor Kasich, if no other male, is fascinated with her modus opperandi – with her way of destroying everything ‘good’ in a woman MD’s life and career. If you try to discuss anything ‘substantive’ with Dr. Steinbergh, she gets a call on her cell phone, or tells you that it’s not her problem, or to lie to get your license back. She’s not responsible if male MD colleagues threaten, or tell you to ‘understand’ them because their wives don’t. She’s completely superficial, a talking-head, and if anyone thought her ‘thorough’ they need an IQ or personality test – she makes an art of misdiagnosis. If Dr. Steinbergh would do this to a woman MD, she will do it to you. If a woman MD can’t talk to her about anything but ‘New York Times Bestsellers’ – a normal patient won’t get much thoroughness. She’s a 2.5/4.0 who sits on the Medical Board, and takes the licenses of women MDs who can’t get their medical records, who won’t sleep with her male ‘friends,’ and who won’t practice as sloppily as she does – without criteria. Unknown mental disorder is diagnosed without criteria by her – she likes the power. Dr. Steinbergh doesn’t understand women MD training, that records should say more than ‘ripening a fracture to excrescence,’ or that ‘experimental’ treatments should not be done on any patient without consent. Dr. Steinbergh doesn’t ‘get’ that a woman patient with 3 fractures in 10 months needs a workup – or that the woman MD has a cousin with the same problem in another state whose bone condition was treated at Mayo Clinic – a decade ago. Family history – throw it out with the trash. Dr. Timothy Nice is not a good orthopedic practitioner – she knows this – and he is not a wrist fracture orthopedic, so she says that women MDs should ‘like’ his care for wrist fractures – he does hip-and-knee orthopedics. The Cleveland area probably has at least 50 orthopedics who do wrist fractures as general orthopedics who don’t want to do joint replacements). Dr. Steinbergh doesn’t understand that Medical Boards have to regulate that once you specialize, you don’t try to suddenly go back to care that you haven’t done regularly for the last 10 years – for the money. Dr. Steinbergh doesn’t get that a woman MD with two horribly swollen wrist fractures could not possibly be seductive. Finally, Dr. Steinbergh doesn’t get that the rumor in Cleveland is that the one woman MD is being punished for her father – for the jealousies in the community – not for anything that she did to patients – she had no patient complaints. Dr. Steinbergh doesn’t understand about male harassments or domestic abuse; she lets male MDs beat up women MDs if they won’t agree with them – you are supposed to have ‘aequanimitas’ for ridiculous male ideas. Yet stupidity wasn’t one of the things that Osler was about, and he didn’t abuse women physically. There are no standards of medical care, orthopedics, gyn-care, or endocrine for her. Women MDs have their medical licenses taken without being allowed ‘care-to-function’ – so she won’t allow ‘care’ to any other woman patient. She doesn’t know what care is. She sits on a Medical Board where they can’t dismiss a false case, can’t admit a mistake, or can’t admit that the thyroid lab sheets in Ohio were off from 1990-2003; because she wouldn’t do anything about the sheets having the wrong ranges for TSH. If you tell a male MD in Ohio that you are ‘not his wife,’ and that he has a wife & children, and should keep his attention there – this will be quoted in public records. Women MDs in 1990-2000, had little ability to stop any harassments – you tried with notes, through mutual friends, etc. You can’t directly speak to someone wanting physical needs serviced. You had to write personal letters asking the male MDs to ‘stop,’ try to talk with the clueless wife, try to find a woman mentor, try the Medical Board of Ohio, or the hospital psychologist – and if you tried the Medical Board, Anita Steinbergh would tell you to ‘feel sorry’ for the male MDs with the ‘wandering eyes’ and their wives who were making your life ‘hell.’ If you tried the psychologist, you were unstable. Personal letters were quoted by the Medical Board as a sign of instability that you couldn’t take the sexual harassment – she allows this sexual harassment to go on to present day. Women MDs have no way in Ohio to tell a male colleague to ‘stop,’ and get some help regarding handling the problem without losing their medical licenses. No one wants to write Dr. Nice to tell him that he ‘has a wife.’ But if you write a male colleague, the Medical Board will get these letters and she will waste money having them analyzed. A woman MD telling a male MD to get lost is not a ‘professional’ thing, or a strike against medical licensure, it’s a personal life matter – not a reason to take a medical license. It’s what men do, and women have to say ‘No’ to. Could someone get this woman a brain, some compassion, some common sense, and a moral compass? A mutliple fracture syndrome is not an ‘unknown mental disorder,’ and you don’t put that in the Physician Data Bank to be ‘cute.’ You don’t diagnose anything ‘psychiatric’ until you find the cause of the fractures, or the bone pain won’t stop. A psychiatric diagnosis is after the medical workup, not before. When a national psychiatric expert tells the Medical Board to allow a workup at Columbia-Presbyterian in NYC, you need to allow the workup – but she doesn’t, as she wants only new right Ohio experts. She’s an unattractive woman, with an ugly temperament, who ruins lives for sport – she should not be in Medicine, on the Medical Board, or allowed to ruin women MD lives & careers – she should not be telling woman MDs how to practice, what they have as a diagnosis, ordering them to procedures for their licensure, or telling them who to refer to for the price of a medical license. Psychiatric evaluations are procedures, and doing >5 on a normal woman MD causes emotional damage that even the best psychiatrists can’t fix. Dr. Steinbergh should have instituted medical mistake & ‘apology’ provisions for practitioners and the Board, she should be able to read a lab print-out of thyroid labs, she should not be making up diagnoses that don’t exist, and she should have done something about the sexual harassment problem in Ohio. If you look at her picture, you see why she doesn’t have the problem – but that’s no excuse.

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