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Published: 18 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This company listed a 1995 Isuzu Npr rear load Garbage truck on a national website which is still listed with them currently. I was in the market for a small unit and i live on the West coast. I spoke with a Ron Dupree who was handling all the truck sales. He had come down from Conneticut to handle these sales. This guy was a very fast talker!I told him I had some questions regarding this truck and that i was interested in it. The questions I had were the general mechanics questions which I am!. what kind of work had been done to the truck before listing. His fast talking comment was. This truck had been totally gone through and everything that needed fixed was fixed.Oh he said the total in repairs was over $4500.00 in repairs,I asked what that included he said oh paint hydraulic repairs and what ever else needed fixed on the truck. He said it was D.O.T. ready. I asked how many miles were on the unit and he told me 65,000 miles,I asked are those original miles, He said yes they were! I asked him what types of options it had on the truck A/C radio (etc) he told me no a/c but it did have a am/fm radio. Based on this information, I sent a bank cashiers check to purchase the truck. Then came the fun part of getting a truck under it to transport. After trying to get a truck broker to pickup the truck and 2 failed attempts. The first one because a truck was in the area to pickup and they wouldn’t let it go because they hadn’t sent the paperwork overnight like they said and wouldn’t do it by fax! (BUT THEY HAD MY BANK CHECK) The second because the trucker didn’t have the capabilities. After I found out the first driver wasn’t going to be able to pickup do to the paperwork issue I called to talk with Ron Dupree to see if there was something he could do to let the truck go without the paperwork and found out that he NO LONGER WORKED THEIR! after a week. Now I’m not happy because did I buy a truck that really wasn’t what it was! I called Anything on Wheels and the switchboard girl told me that Ron Dupree doesn’t work here anymore and that Manny is now handling the truck sales. So I got a hold of Manny and explained my concern of purchasing the truck and is it really what it is based on this employees fast talking and now that he is no longer employed their! He did some checking on what Ron Dupree told me and said oh yes it is. Trying to cordinate the trucking broker and Anything on Wheels to get this truck picked up was a nightmare. Finally we got a truck in the area to pick it up and I called to let Manny know and wouldn’t you know it they said he was gone for a week! That another guy was now in charge of the sales while Manny was gone! So I explained that we had a truck in the area and he would be picking up this truck. When the driver arrived and checked in at the desk to explain why he was there a salemen showed him where the truck was and threw him the key and said (JUST GET IT OUT OF HERE AND I DON’T CARE IF IT EVEN F__KING STARTS) Well finally the truck arrives after a week of transport and unloading in the dark. The next day I started inspecting the truck like I do with anything mechanical that i’m going to put on the road. I found the Radiator had no antifreeze just water, The front leaf spring bushings were wore completely through to the eye spring on both springs. The transmission torque converter seal leaks like a sive, The pto pump was ready to fall off and leaking fluid ,The module for the idle kicker for the packer unit was bad that they rewired, Both rear wheel cylinders were leaking fluid out the drums on the tires which set off the brake light fluid sensor,The most important thing the “SPEEDOMETER DOESN”T WORK AT ALL” AND THEY TOLD ME IT HAD ORIGINAL MILES, It had no radio at all. This is a real shame that this company doe’s business like this and that all they care about is making the sale! I would like to think that anyone could do business 2800 miles from home and have a good experience,but obviously that isn’t true! The internet is a wonderful tool and by people being able to post their experiences about your company makes you lose money and relationships every day!

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