Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans and Tammy Esponge

Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans and Tammy Esponge

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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In July 2018 UPS delievered a package to my apartment complex which is Yorkshire Edenborn Apartments in Metairie, LA. Since I was not home and the complex is gated, UPS unwisely left the package at the door step and did not knock on the door. The package included an expensive camera lens. I was sitting in my apartment when the package we delievered. With in 5 minutes of the package being dropped off, a neighborhood teen stole the package and took it into his own apartment. The teen was caught on camera by the apartment complex cameras. Once the teen realized that there was no value to him with the lens, he returned the lens (now damaged) to my door step to try and convince me that someone else stole it. It was obvious he was trying to get a reward out of me. After the video footage from the apartment complext proved this young man stole and damaged my lens beyond repair, I filed a police report with the Jefferson Parish County Police Department. The officer who filed the report was Officer Canatello and the Police Report number is G5084-15. The young man was arrested for theft and found guilty in court. The teen who stole my package was “staying” with a group of people who were a problem in the complex. This incident was the final straw and the entire group was evicited from the property. One of the reasons I moved into Yorkshire Edenborn Apartments was due to the security cameras, gates, and a sign that stated that clearly stated: “Up to $200.00 dollar reward paid for the arrest of any person found guilty of vandalism, theft, or burglary on these premises. Apartment Assocation of Greater New Orleans.” I felt I was covered at least in some fashion with this sign being present. Boy was I wrong! I first contacted The Apartment Assocation of Greater New Orleans (AAGNO) on July, 28th, 2018 to begin the process to collect my reward. One of the AAGNO’s board members, Tammy Esponage (associate excutive), request I send a photo of the sign and the info that I stated above. After a discussion or two with Tammy it was very obvious the she and the AAGNO were doing everything they can to not pay the reward. I instructed Tammy on what the nature of a unllateral agreement states. Tammy claimed the AAGNO didn’t know the sign existed and that my case would be discussed in a “board meeting” in October, 2015. The sign was removed from the property by the AAGNO promptly. Follow up calls occured on my end in October. I was told the board meeting was pushed to November. Then it was pushed to December. There was always an excuse and a story of why there was no direct answer. My area code starts with 323 (Los Angeles) not the local NOLA 504 area code. I would call in December on my 323 number and be told she was not in. Five minutes later I would call back and Tammy would pick up the phone. This happened many times. Several times Tammy promised that she would call me back. I have emails documenting all of our conversations and her brush offs. After 6 months of being lied to and brushed off I offered the AAGNO a “cure peroid” of two weeks to make things right. I told Tammy that I either needed a direct answer or I will be filing the small claims court paperwork. Before the cure peroid ended Tammy wrote me a letter on the AAGNO letterhead stating that the AAGNO is not responsible to pay the reward. The letter went on to state that the sign was not theirs and reward is not a program to offer. My question is why not tell me that 6 months ago? Why take the sign down if its not yours? Why does the sign have your name on it? There is only one AAGNO in this town. Bottom line is that Tammy Esponge is a proven liar. Its documented in my email dealings with her. If you would like any of this proof please feel free to contact me The AAGNO did not live up to their own unilateral agreement. Obviously I would never suggest doing business with the AAGNO or Tammy Esponge in any capacity. If you have one of these “reward” signs in your apartment complex, you will get the run around and not get paid. -MT

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